How To Cure Metastases

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How To Cure Metastases
How To Cure Metastases

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The most formidable danger that cancer poses is the occurrence of metastases. Pathological foci can spread throughout the body, affecting both the lymph nodes and organs, and the patient's bone marrow. Tumor metastasis significantly complicates treatment and worsens the prognosis for final recovery. Treatment of advanced forms of cancer should be carried out using complex methods.

How to cure metastases
How to cure metastases


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Over the past years, chemotherapy has remained the most effective way to fight cancer. It is able to cure not only the primary tumor, but also metastases, including distant ones. Each type of cancer has its own treatment regimens using different chemotherapy drugs and their combinations. The disadvantage of treatment lies in the large number of side effects, therefore, this type of therapy is usually carried out in a hospital under the supervision of specialists. In most cases, in order to defeat the tumor and metastases, one course of chemotherapy is not enough, therefore, the patient must prepare in advance for a complex and long-term treatment. After studies show the absence of tumor nodes, and the doctor ascertains remission, additional courses of maintenance chemotherapy are carried out.

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If the metastases are located in places accessible to the surgeon, the patient is offered their radical removal. This type of treatment is suitable in the presence of large tumor foci. If a large number of lymph nodes or bone marrow are affected, surgeons cannot help. Doctors often give preoperative chemotherapy if there are large metastases. This helps to shrink the tumor nodes and make the operation less traumatic for the patient.

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Radiation therapy is used to treat primary tumors and metastases that cannot be removed with surgery. This type of cancer control is not as difficult to tolerate as chemotherapy. And the effect of treatment in some cases is even more pronounced.

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Non-traditional methods of fighting cancer and metastases are no less in demand than classical medicine. Treatment with herbs and with the help of various dubious methods sometimes, of course, gives a result. But do not consider these methods as a priority. Patients who refuse traditional difficult treatment often end up poorly. Therefore, it is possible to resort to herbal treatment and various conspiracies only when classical medicine leaves you no chance.

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