How Long Can A Person Live Without Sleep

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How Long Can A Person Live Without Sleep
How Long Can A Person Live Without Sleep

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Sleep today is a tremendous value that is so often lacking. The rhythm of modern life leaves its mark on the daily routine, and many people are forced to give up rest, leaving these hours in favor of study or work. Not surprisingly, they are worried about how long a person can survive without sleep and whether it will harm their health.

How long can a person live without sleep
How long can a person live without sleep

Average statistical data

It is rather difficult to establish how long one can survive without sleep, since even in healthy adults this value can vary. On average, volunteers who agreed to try on themselves the torture popular in the Middle Ages - sleep deprivation, showed results in 4-5 days.

However, the subjects' difficulties began after the first sleepless night. People constantly felt the urge to lie down. Over time, the symptoms worsened. The volunteers first developed auditory and then visual hallucinations. Hormonal background changed, memory worsened. Subjects were irritated by the bright colors, their speech became slurred, and they constantly felt severe weakness.

On the fourth or fifth day of such marathons, brain cells begin to collapse, and at this stage the research stopped, because otherwise people could be irreparably harmed.

Experiment participants usually spend their sleepless hours with friends. According to their reviews, if their friends would not let them sleep, they would have given up on the second or third day.

Guinness Book of Records

The Guinness Book of Records contains the names of people who managed to set a record for the number of sleepless nights. The first to be mentioned was the American Randy Gardner. He managed to stay awake for 11 days, but later his figure was surpassed by another American - Robert McDonalds. The body of this person turned out to be so hardy that it allowed him not to sleep for 19 days. However, after that, the creators of the book of records refused to bring in new sleepless victories so that people would not put their health at unnecessary risk.

Neither Gardner nor McDonald's was seriously injured. After sleeping for 14-15 hours after the experiment, they began to feel normal again.


However, absolutely incredible stories are known about people who are able to stay awake for years. For example, Tai Ngoc, who lives in Vietnam, has such a feature. After he had a fever, he began to have insomnia, which has lasted for 38 years. His other compatriot has been awake a little less - 27 years. One day Nguyen Van Kha, closing his eyes, felt a strong burning sensation and saw flames. Since then, the Vietnamese has literally never closed his eyes.

But the Englishman Eustace Burnett did not have any pathologies. One evening he simply realized that, despite the late hour, he did not want to sleep. And since then, for 56 years now, while his household has been dreaming, he, according to him, is solving crosswords.

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