Is It Possible To Sleep During The Day

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Is It Possible To Sleep During The Day
Is It Possible To Sleep During The Day

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It happens that the head leans on the pillow from fatigue, and the onset of night is not yet expected. Allow yourself to rest and plunge into the relaxing world of dreams, no matter the time, and let everything wait.

Is it possible to sleep during the day
Is it possible to sleep during the day

The benefits of daytime sleep and the causes of daytime sleepiness

Daytime sleep is beneficial for nervous individuals, people involved in mental work with large amounts of information, and workaholics. According to scientists, an hour of nap can replace a full night's rest. In many countries (Japan, Spain, etc.), daytime sleep is actively used even at work to improve the efficiency of citizens.

If you experience constant drowsiness during the day, this can signal chronic fatigue, sleep deprivation at night and the presence of various diseases (neurasthenia, vegetative-vascular dystonia, anemia, etc.). Take the time to visit a doctor.

For some diseases, a person is prescribed electric sleep. In the atmosphere of a physiotherapy room on a couch behind a screen, you will be immersed in a daytime sleep using special electrical sensors attached to your head. Low-frequency current impulses, when exposed to the nervous system, cause its natural inhibition, and a person falls asleep.

Scientists estimate that sleeping during the day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 35%. Also, during the daytime sleep, the reserves of physical strength are replenished faster and the mental balance is normalized.

A short nap fills the body with hormones of joy and can replace a whole chocolate bar, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by people seeking weight. Such rest is useful for the brain as well. Nervous tension and stress caused by early awakening are relieved.

People who know how to rest during the day are more cheerful and active.

An interesting fact is that dreams when falling asleep during the day are brighter and easier to remember.

What daytime hours are good for sleep

Sleeping during the day is not only possible, but also necessary. No wonder daytime sleep is used in children's institutions and sanatoriums. However, it is not recommended to go to bed for an hour or two after 16-00, when the sun is high above the horizon. Headaches, lethargy and general malaise can be the consequences of such sleep.

The best time for daytime sleep is in the afternoon from 12-00 to 14-00. This sleep aids digestion and energizes you for the rest of the day.

If the weather permits, you can go to sleep in nature. For example, in the country in a sun lounger or hammock. If there is no summer cottage, a glazed balcony with open doors will do, provided that the courtyard is quiet. Sleeping in the open air in the shade is the best cure for depression and stress in the metropolis.

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