How To Calculate Your Body Mass Index

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How To Calculate Your Body Mass Index
How To Calculate Your Body Mass Index

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Body mass index is a number that shows the ratio of a person's weight to height. This indicator is used by the World Health Organization to determine the degree of obesity. Knowledge of BMI allows you to sound the alarm in time and prevent the occurrence of deadly diseases.

How to calculate your body mass index
How to calculate your body mass index


  • - scales;
  • - tape measure;
  • - calculator.


Step 1

The body mass index should be calculated in children as well, because obesity is rapidly "getting younger". True, for young patients, other tables are compiled to determine BMI. A different formula for calculating the index is for boys from 12 years old, and girls from 10 years old, since they develop differently.

Step 2

Calculating your BMI is very simple, but for this you need to know fairly accurate indicators of a person's height and weight at the moment. Measurements are best taken in the morning after using the toilet. If you haven't determined your height for a long time, do it, because this parameter also changes even in adulthood.

Step 3

You will need a calculator to determine the index. You need to square your height in meters, that is, multiply by the same number. Divide the weight in kilograms by the result obtained. The number you see is your BMI. For example, if you weigh 65 kilograms and your height is 170 centimeters, the calculations look like this: 65: (1.7x1.7) = 22.5.

Step 4

The World Health Organization conventionally divides BMI into four main groups:

• Underweight - 18.5;

• Normal weight - from 18.5 to 24.9;

• Overweight - from 25 to 29.9;

• Obesity - 30 or more.

Step 5

Of course, it is possible to get an overweight BMI with a small amount of adipose tissue, but this happens mainly in bodybuilders and professional athletes. These people have very developed muscles and their weight is very high, so the index is quite large. An ordinary person should be alerted to a result over 25. In this case, you need to immediately adjust the diet and pay more attention to physical education.

Step 6

The body mass index was developed by the Belgian scientist Adolphe Ketele. According to research by doctors from different countries, the ideal BMI for men is from 25 to 27, and for women - 20-23.

Step 7

The method of determining excess weight by the skin fold is also often used. Tissue is taken in the epigastric region, if the fold is 1-1.5 centimeters thick, this is normal. If it is more than two centimeters, you should think about a diet.

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