Why Do You Feel Bad If You Don't Sleep Much

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Why Do You Feel Bad If You Don't Sleep Much
Why Do You Feel Bad If You Don't Sleep Much

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An established daily routine is extremely important if a person cares about their health. Doctors, teachers, and parents tirelessly repeat this. Therefore, the mode of sleep and rest is exactly what you need to take seriously if a person intends to live a long time and not get sick.

Why do you feel bad if you don't sleep much
Why do you feel bad if you don't sleep much

Each person has their own sleep rate. But most doctors of somnologists advise everyone to sleep 8 hours, this is how much time the body spends on restoring strength and energy.

If a person gets tired very quickly, is in constant nervous tension, feels sleepy and weak, this means that the person is not getting enough sleep. And as a result, it is prone to fatigue and depression, not to mention the lack of composure and beauty in appearance. That is why people feel bad if they sleep little.

What are the health consequences of not getting enough sleep?

If a person does not sleep enough, this contributes to an increase in blood pressure, a decrease in the hormone that suppresses appetite, -leptin, and a change in blood sugar levels. In addition, immunity is significantly reduced, therefore, the body becomes less protected and is exposed to various diseases.

It is only during sleep that a hormone is produced that has an anti-inflammatory effect (corticosteroid). This happens closer to the morning. And people who do not get enough sleep are easily susceptible to colds, inflammations and SARS.

Moreover, sleep has another important function. It directly affects memory, strengthening it. The human brain also works during sleep, which contributes to the strengthening of knowledge, and as a result, excellent performance.

When and how to go to bed to get enough sleep

It is important that the room is ventilated, it is not hot and stuffy in it. Going to bed, you need to be calm and relaxed. Further, it is advisable to go to bed and get up at the same time. You need to find the optimal time for yourself to sleep and stick to it. If it so happened that you could not get enough sleep at night, it is advisable to compensate for this during daytime sleep.

It is worth remembering that as soon as a person wakes up in the morning, his brain immediately begins to work intensively, so you should not be surprised if, when trying to fall asleep again, the brain will resist this in every possible way.

And one more detail: the amount of sleep cannot be equated with its quality. It doesn't matter how long a person is in bed tossing and turning and suffering from insomnia. In the morning, despite the fact that the person went to bed on time, he will wake up broken and tired. Therefore, first of all, you need to work on the quality of sleep.

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