How Much Sleep Do You Need Daily

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How Much Sleep Do You Need Daily
How Much Sleep Do You Need Daily

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A person needs daily sleep. Lack of night rest is detrimental to the body, reducing concentration, compromising immunity and mental health. Adequate and quality sleep is just as important as food and water.

How much sleep do you need daily
How much sleep do you need daily


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The amount of sleep required by a person is individual. On average, people need to rest for 7-9 hours at night, but there are individuals who can feel great after spending half the time in bed and, on the contrary, do not get enough sleep after 10-12 hours of sleep. Finding out how much sleep you need is easy enough. Try going to bed at the same time for several days in a row without setting your alarm for the morning. Your body will quickly adapt and find the rhythm it needs, and will wake up at approximately the same time. Remember this number and use it when you need to calculate when you need to go to bed and wake up.

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The amount of sleep you need can vary, depending on your lifestyle and your physical condition. For example, women need two to three hours more sleep during pregnancy than usual. If you exercise, allow yourself to go to bed early on your workout days - your body is tired and needs longer rest. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, which people often confuse with hunger. If you're on a diet, try to get more sleep than usual. Extra pounds will be burned faster, and you will suffer less from food restrictions.

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Trust your body. If you have set your alarm for seven in the morning, but woke up an hour earlier and feel great, you should not wrap yourself back in the blanket and close your eyes, trying to catch up with the remaining time. Better watch the morning show, read a book, exercise, and slowly prepare yourself breakfast. Sleeping too long can harm your well-being, and you will feel tired and headaches all day.

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It is not only the quantity that matters, but also the quality of sleep. To ensure yourself a good rest, prepare your sleeping place for this. The mattress should not be too firm, but still maintain the shape of the body. Get an orthopedic pillow: it will ensure the ideal position of your head during sleep, the blood vessels will not be pinched, and you will be able to get a full sleep.

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Remember, the less clothing you wear while you sleep, the better. If you sleep in pajamas, they should be comfortable and not too tight, not bully, twist, and not interfere with your rest. It is advisable to choose night clothes made from natural fabrics.

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