How Many Times A Day Do You Need To Do Inhalations

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How Many Times A Day Do You Need To Do Inhalations
How Many Times A Day Do You Need To Do Inhalations

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Inhalation is one of the most effective treatments for a wide variety of upper respiratory tract diseases. Inhalation can be used to treat runny nose, pneumonia, bronchitis and tonsillitis. Due to the direct effect of the drug on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, the duration of treatment is significantly reduced.

How many times a day do you need to do inhalations
How many times a day do you need to do inhalations

Inhalation types

Inhalation has many advantages: it is very convenient to do it at home, the procedure is quite simple and does not require certain skills, and there are many medicines with which this procedure can be carried out.

There are two types of inhalation - direct inhalation of the drug and inhalation with aqueous solutions. For the procedure, you must purchase a special compressor or ultrasonic inhaler at any pharmacy. Clothing during inhalation should not constrict the throat, otherwise it will be difficult to breathe. When fighting a cold with inhalation, the vapors must be inhaled through the nose, and when treating the bronchi or pharynx, through the mouth.

Before carrying out the procedure, you must very carefully read the instructions for the medicines. Pregnant and lactating women with individual intolerance to the components of the drugs, as well as people with a weak cardiovascular system, should not be inhaled.

Inhalation frequency and duration

Inhalation should not be overused, it is believed that daily inhalation in the evening in order to prevent respiratory diseases will not cause much harm to the body. When the disease is severe, inhalations are allowed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. In this case, the treatment cycle is no more than 10 days.

The duration of the inhalation procedure depends on the type of inhalation. In the treatment of certain types of acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, it is necessary to carry out steam inhalation. This procedure allows drugs dissolved in hot air vapors to relieve swelling, getting into the respiratory system and have a positive effect on them. Such inhalations should not be more than three minutes in duration, in order to avoid thermal burns of the respiratory tract. The procedure is repeated twice a day.

When treatment is aimed at fighting cough, inhalation with the addition of essential oils of various plants (eucalyptus or coniferous plant oil, sea buckthorn, Kalanchoe) or saline is a suitable option. This procedure is most effective if you use a special inhaler (but you can do with improvised means). The duration of inhalation is up to 15 minutes, twice a day. Depending on the stage of the disease, the course of treatment ranges from 5 to 10 procedures.

It must be remembered that medicines for inhalation and its duration should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist, after a thorough examination.

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