Features Of Sexual Activity After Childbirth

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Features Of Sexual Activity After Childbirth
Features Of Sexual Activity After Childbirth

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For families in which a child has recently been born, the question of the conditions and timing of the resumption of intimate life after childbirth is relevant. Some women want to quickly begin to have a varied and rich sex life with their husbands, while others are afraid of this, tormented by both justified and far-fetched fears. So, what are the features of intimate relationships after the birth of a baby.

Features of sexual activity after childbirth
Features of sexual activity after childbirth

Sex life after childbirth: when to start

After giving birth, the female body experiences some stress and undergoes some physical changes. After the birth of a child, a woman needs time to recover. Therefore, sexual contact is possible only after 1-2 months. Of course, a lot here depends on the individual physical and psychological characteristics of a woman. In addition, you need to consider how the birth went, how difficult or easy it was.

In any case, doctors do not recommend allowing sexual intercourse earlier than 1 month after childbirth. This is the minimum period required for the normal functioning of the uterus to resume and to cleanse it. Returning to intimate relationships immediately after the birth of a child is extremely undesirable because during this period the uterus is very vulnerable to infection. This risk will disappear only when she fully recovers.

If the birth was difficult, with tears and cuts, much more time should pass before the start of sexual intercourse. After giving birth using a cesarean section, a woman also needs more time to restore her organs until the stitches from the operation completely heal.

It is good if you discuss with your gynecologist the "permission" for the first sexual intercourse after childbirth. The doctor will examine the condition of your genitals and assess the speed and degree of their recovery, and recommend when you can resume sexual activity. The specialist will also advise you on the most suitable contraceptives to prevent the possibility of re-pregnancy immediately after the baby is born.

Sex life after childbirth: what are the possible problems

The most common problems that may appear during the resumption of sexual activity after childbirth are anatomical changes in the vagina and its dryness. In the process of passing the baby through the birth canal, the vagina is stretched, but over time it will take its original shape.

To speed up this process, you can perform special Kegel exercises. They should be performed even during pregnancy, which helps to protect against excessive stretching of the uterus, and also allows it to quickly return to its natural state immediately after childbirth.

Dryness of the uterus is a temporary phenomenon that occurs as a result of a lack of estrogen in the period after the birth of a child. It also affects the occurrence of postpartum depression and depression in a woman, aggravated by fatigue. In this situation, the husband is advised to treat his wife with understanding, because she needs both physical and moral support. Special moisturizing lubricants and creams, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, will help to cope with vaginal dryness.

Many women complain of discomfort and pain that occurs during intercourse after the birth of a child. This situation is most common if the delivery was difficult and there are tears that required sutures. The pain is felt when the seams "hook" on the nerve endings.

In this case, the spouses need to work together to find the optimal position for having sex. Over time, the pain will disappear, but for now, during sexual intercourse, you should just listen to each other more attentively.

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