What Is "sleep Quality"

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What Is "sleep Quality"
What Is "sleep Quality"

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Sleep is a natural need of the human body, on the satisfaction of which the physical, mental state, and appearance largely depend. This is rest, medicine, and cosmetic procedure. But only if you sleep properly.


Everything is individual

It is important that you sleep well. The main assessment of the quality of sleep is that a person should wake up vigorous and rested, maintaining this state throughout the day. How can this be achieved? One of the main criteria for the quality of sleep is its duration. A well-known recommendation is to sleep eight hours a day, but the norm is strictly individual: someone gets a good sleep in four hours, while someone needs ten. It depends on age, physical and intellectual stress, health, psychotype. It is very important to listen to your body, understand which regimen is right for you, and follow it: go to bed at the same time every day.

On hormones

At the same time, the recommendation to sleep at night and go to bed until 24:00 is fair for everyone. The hormone melantonin is responsible for the quality of our sleep. This hormone helps the body to recover properly. Melantonin is most actively produced in a sleeping person, and the peak of production activity occurs between 24: 00-4: 00 hours. Therefore, it is so important to catch these hours when sleep will be truly healthy. More melantonin is produced if a person sleeps in the dark.

No peas

Lighting will prevent you from falling asleep and make sleep shallow, disturbing, “low quality”. It is necessary to achieve not only a quick fall asleep, but also a calm, even sleep. And advice to turn off the lights, close the curtains tightly or put on special blinders is not the only one. Nothing should interfere with the sleeping person: no unnecessary sounds, sharp odors, it is better to maintain a cool temperature and humidity in the bedroom. Get rid of the habit of falling asleep "under the TV": you will quickly realize that without this "background" sleep is much better.

The quality of sleep also depends on the position of the body: not all comfortable postures are physiological. For example, do not pull your legs up to your chest, this leads to unnecessary pressure on the chest. It is not recommended to sleep on your left side: your heart is already under heavy strain - let it rest at night. If possible, you should sleep on your back, on a good orthopedic mattress. It is better to save money on the bed frame, but buy a high-quality mattress, since problems with the spine negatively affect all internal organs. The pillow is no less important. Today there is a large selection of special pillows on sale to help your neck relax as much as possible.

Beauty dream

A well-groomed appearance and youthfulness are extremely important for modern women and men. Well, if you go to bed early and follow all the rules of sleep hygiene, you will do a lot for yourself. But we must not forget about the psychological aspect. Falling asleep, a person plunges into the world of the unknown, where there is no place for problems and stresses that "steal" youth and beauty. Make it a rule to think only about pleasant things before bed. Then your sleep will be of good quality.

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