How Many Hours Do You Need To Sleep

How Many Hours Do You Need To Sleep
How Many Hours Do You Need To Sleep

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How much sleep does a person need? It would seem that the answer to this question is obvious - eight hours a day. In fact, this question is rather complicated, some scientists argue that a person should sleep at least eight hours, others - no more than four or five, while others are sure that there can be no definite answer, for each person the duration of sleep is individual.

How many hours do you need to sleep
How many hours do you need to sleep

The meaning of sleep in human life

Sleep is a person's rest. In a dream, all body functions are restored. Perhaps everyone knows that when a person is unwell, the need for sleep is much higher.

Healthy sleep and excellent immunity are two interrelated quantities. People who are deprived of adequate sleep often get sick.

The information received during the day is processed exclusively in a dream, which is why people who are in the learning process have an increased need for sleep.

The quality and quantity of sleep directly affects daily activity, attention, etc. Lack of sleep significantly increases mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

How much sleep do you need

It is believed that the optimal sleep duration for a healthy adult is seven to nine hours (recommendations of the World Congress of Sleep Medicine).

The amount of sleep needed by one person can vary. This means that on one day, seven hours may be enough for a person and at the same time he will feel cheerful, and on the other day he may lack nine hours of full sleep.

Sleep exceeding 10 hours, according to scientists, is dangerous by physical inactivity. And this means that weight problems may begin.

Daytime naps are a great habit, but for those who like to take a nap during the daytime, remember that its duration should not exceed 50 minutes.

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