How Many Hairs On A Person's Head

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How Many Hairs On A Person's Head
How Many Hairs On A Person's Head

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It may seem that the number of hairs on the head cannot be counted. In fact, trichologists have long calculated the approximate number of hairs on the head of an average person at different periods of his life and even analyzed what it depends on.

How many hairs on a person's head
How many hairs on a person's head

Many men, and indeed women too, occasionally face the problem of hair loss. Some of them even turn to doctors-trichologists, who authoritatively declare: losing up to a hundred hairs a day is the norm, and you should not panic if you lose approximately this amount of hair every day. This begs the question: how many hairs are there on a person's head?

What determines the amount of hair on the head?

The main factor on which the initial amount of hair on the scalp of a person depends is the natural color of his hair. It has been proven that the thickest (and at the same time the thinnest) are light (light brown and blond) hair, the number of which on the head of an average person is about 120-140 thousand. The next thickest hair - on average 100-110 thousand hairs - grows on the heads of brown-haired and brunettes. The smallest amount of hair on the heads of redheads - only 80-90 thousand hairs, but this is compensated by the thickness and strength of each of them.

Thus, if a dark-haired person drops out 100 hairs every day, then until he remains completely bald, it will take almost 4 years, and this is provided that the hair has completely lost its regenerative functions. But instead of the fallen hairs, new ones grow at a speed of 0.35 millimeters per day.

If the amount of hair on the head is clearly decreasing

Unfortunately, sometimes hair begins to fall out with a triple force, and this process can affect both men and women. Most often, the thinning of the hair is the result of a stressful situation experienced a couple of months before it or a banal vitamin deficiency. If neither one nor the other has happened in your life, you should contact a therapist: a general blood test can reveal the cause of hair loss.

You may need to contact an endocrinologist to exclude pathologies of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands, to a gastroenterologist to check whether the organs of the gastrointestinal tract are healthy, and a dermatologist who will take scrapings from the scalp for fungus and demodex. In women, the cause of hair thinning can be ovarian tumors, in children - parasitic invasions.

If you have gone through all possible examinations, and the cause of increased hair loss has not been found, contact a trichologist. This specialist specializes exclusively in problems localized to the scalp and will certainly help you.

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