Reasons You Can't Sleep

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Reasons You Can't Sleep
Reasons You Can't Sleep

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Those who don't get enough sleep at night tend to spend the whole day in a bad mood. There are two ways to solve the problem. First, go to bed early so as not to feel tired and irritable in the morning. Second, the quality of your sleep can be drastically changed. To fall asleep quickly and sleep well, you need to reconsider your evening leisure.

Reasons You Can't Sleep
Reasons You Can't Sleep


Step 1

In no case should you drink alcohol before bed. This leads to the fact that your sleep becomes anxious and shallow. In addition, dehydration and a full bladder are unlikely to get you a good night's sleep. And, of course, after alcohol at night, your morning awakening will not be the most rosy.

Step 2

To get a good night's sleep, don't watch TV at night. First, a bright light comes from the screen, and this stimulates the brain to work, and not to sleep. Secondly, you fill your head with information trash. After watching a movie or any program, you can scroll through what you have watched for a long time in your head, ultimately the brain will not be able to relax, and it will become even more difficult to fall asleep. As you can imagine, this also includes spending time before bed on the Internet.

Step 3

Reading before bed is helpful, but not disturbing books. The effect will be the same as when watching TV - the head will be clogged with heavy and unnecessary thoughts. If you want to read, it is best to stop at some light and fun book.

Step 4

What will keep you awake is a hot bath. The fact is that during sleep, the body temperature drops by several degrees, and a hot bath, on the contrary, increases it. Accordingly, the body will spend much more time in order to lower your body temperature. If you want to soak up the warm water, it's best to take a bath a few hours before bed. In this case, the temperature will return to normal, and you can quickly fall asleep.

Step 5

Sleeping with a full stomach is not a good idea. But falling asleep on an empty stomach is also not worth it. Three hours before bedtime, you can have dinner with a small portion of meat, salad, or cottage cheese with fruit.

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