How Old Is The Climax

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How Old Is The Climax
How Old Is The Climax

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Only in every twentieth woman, the menstrual cycle continues at the age of 55 years. The rest will learn much earlier what menopause is. However, you should not be upset that the reproductive function ends. We need to prepare for this. And for this it is worth considering a number of rules.

How old is the climax
How old is the climax

The average age of menopause in women is 52 years. However, there are those ladies who are faced with this phenomenon at the age of 40. It is unlikely that it will work to predict when exactly will come and your period. However, you can still try to predict the onset of menopause.

Reasons why menopause can come earlier

An earlier - at 40-45 years old menopause - is indicated by the transferred rather serious gynecological diseases. Also, the reason for the early termination of reproductive function in women is the constant stress in which the woman lives. Bad habits also have their effect. Menopause can begin for various reasons.

Delaying the onset of menopause is unlikely to succeed. However, you can prepare for it. After all, menopause is a rather serious test for a woman's body.

Menopause symptoms

Often, menopause comes unexpectedly, and the woman is not ready for it. Therefore, the symptoms that she may encounter are not always interpreted correctly. Insomnia, a strange taste in the mouth, mood swings, increased irritability or sensitivity are all the first signs of menopause. Of course, the clearest proof that this is menopause is when menstruation stops.

In addition, the onset of menopause may be indicated by:

- tachycardia;

- tingling sensation in the hands and feet;

- numbness of the limbs;

- sleep disturbance;

- muscle pain;

- feeling of lack of air;

- dry eyes, etc.

Experts attribute the appearance of these symptoms and the deterioration of the woman's health to a sharp decrease in the level of the hormone estrogen in the blood. As a result, the reactions of a biochemical nature that occur in the body usually change, and the production of other hormones decreases.

There are lucky ones who are lucky and have not experienced any of this symptom. Also, among the lucky ladies are those whose symptoms are not too intense. True, such lucky ones are rare.

By themselves, the symptoms, as doctors assure, are not at all dangerous. However, they can sometimes cause quite significant changes in the physical or psychological state of a lady. How many more problems the first time without menstruation can bring is unknown. Sometimes the consequences are such that ladies even begin to envy men.

To predict what the symptoms will be, and when they appear, no one will undertake. Therefore, it is worthwhile to mentally prepare for the fact that menopause may occur unexpectedly, and not make a tragedy out of this event. Moreover, this does not mean at all that life has come to an end. On the contrary, menopause symbolizes the beginning of a new stage in life - mature.

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