How To Sleep Well

How To Sleep Well
How To Sleep Well

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As a result of the studies, it turned out that only a quarter of the world's population is able to fully rest during a night's sleep. The rest suffer from constant lack of sleep, suffer from insomnia, which affects their appearance and ability to work.

How to sleep well
How to sleep well

To get enough sleep, you need to follow the correct daily routine, as well as get rid of factors that disrupt the quality of sleep.

The most common culprit in poor sleep is the pillow. Therefore, be more careful about its choice: the filling, rigidity and height of the pillow have an important influence on our rest.

The temperature in the room is important for a good night's rest. It should be 18-20 degrees. In a hot or too cold room, the body will experience discomfort, will begin to activate the defenses to overcome it.

Too bright light prevents you from getting enough sleep. It is advisable to sleep in complete darkness, with tightly drawn curtains, only in this case our body recovers from daytime wakefulness.

An overly starched bed can cause a lot of inconvenience. Make sure that the bed linen is pleasant to the touch and does not have a strong smell of detergents.

Lack of oxygen can also interfere with sleep. Ventilate the bedroom an hour before bed and, if possible, leave the window open at night.

Pay more attention to getting ready for bed, then your rest will be full, and the morning is good.

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