How To Lose Virginity

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How To Lose Virginity
How To Lose Virginity

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Loss of virginity is a very serious matter for a girl. This should be a responsible and deliberate step that you will not regret in the future. The first sexual experience is remembered for a lifetime.

Loss of virginity is a crucial step
Loss of virginity is a crucial step


Step 1

The girl loses her virginity during the rupture of the hymen, which is an obstruction at the entrance to the vagina. The integrity of the hymen speaks of the purity and innocence of the girl, the absence of sexual contact with a man. The hymen protects the internal genital organs from infections, bacteria, so we are talking about cleanliness. You can lose your virginity not only after the first intercourse. The hymen can rupture due to mechanical damage, trauma, masturbation. Inadvertent insertion of a finger or tampon into the vagina is sometimes the reason for the violation of the integrity of the thin "film".

Step 2

The process of losing virginity is individual for each girl. Someone is experiencing severe, unbearable pain, for someone it was not such a terrible event. A ruptured hymen can be accompanied by bleeding. If everything went well, then a small amount of blood is released. Some girls do not have any discharge at all. The hymen is quite taut. After the first intercourse, it may not rupture, but simply stretch along the vagina.

Step 3

The sexual partner plays an important role in the process of losing virginity. The physical and psychological state of the partner will depend on his manipulations, attitude towards the girl, attentiveness. The first sexual intercourse is remembered for a lifetime. If a girl experiences severe pain, she may develop a phobia. She will no longer allow any man to approach her body.

Step 4

For loss of virginity, it is better to use a special position. The girl should lie on her back, put a pillow or towel rolled up under her. The partner is on top. This position will allow you to break the hymen less painfully, since the partner will be able to regulate the whole process and introduce the penis smoothly and to the desired depth.

Step 5

Before intercourse, not only the girl should relax, but also the guy. A responsible event lies ahead. The girl should discuss all the points with her partner in advance, tell that he is her first. Such a trusting relationship, joint discussions, dialogue will help a couple in love in the future. The partner should be sensitive and attentive, try to calm the girl down if she gets hurt.

Step 6

After intercourse, you should immediately take a shower, thoroughly rinse the genitals. It is better to wait a few days with sexual relations, since a wound forms at the site of the rupture of the hymen. She needs to heal.

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