How To Deal With A Headache For A Nursing Mom

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How To Deal With A Headache For A Nursing Mom
How To Deal With A Headache For A Nursing Mom

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Headache in women during breastfeeding is not uncommon. In any case, this ailment requires taking certain medications. If you do not want to harm the child, you should carefully study the instructions for such drugs.

Headaches during breastfeeding
Headaches during breastfeeding

Causes of headaches in nursing mothers

Perhaps chronic fatigue and lack of sleep are the main causes of headache attacks in nursing mothers. At 4 months of age, babies are very restless. So sleepless nights are not uncommon for new mothers.

Very often, during the feeding period, women are worried about severe migraine attacks. Then, in addition to the headache, nausea and weakness appear. Migraines can be triggered by lack of sleep and constant stress. It is not uncommon for the head to hurt due to high blood pressure. Hypertension requires serious and long-term treatment.

What medications can I take?

If the headache bothers you seriously, you will have to take medication. But not all medications can be taken during lactation. It is strictly forbidden to treat a headache with Citramon. This drug contains caffeine and acetylsalicylic acid, which have a negative effect on the health of the baby.

Paracetamol is considered a safe remedy for headaches during lactation. On its basis, such drugs as "Panadol", "Efferalgan" and others have been created. By the way, these medicines will work more effectively if, after taking them, you immediately lie down on the sofa, relax and listen to your favorite music.

Against a headache while feeding a baby, it is allowed to take medications based on ibuprofen ("Nurofen", "Mig"). But such a popular analgin is contraindicated for nursing mothers. It negatively affects the kidneys and other hematopoietic organs.

How to deal with migraines during lactation

If you are overtaken by a painful migraine attack, you should not rush and buy an ergotamine-based product. Under no circumstances should such a substance be taken. Your little one may start vomiting violently.

"Sumamigren" will help get rid of migraines during breastfeeding. It contains the active component sumatriptan, which is excreted from the body after 12 hours and does not stay in breast milk.

Medicines for hypertension

If hypertension is the cause of a severe headache, you should take "Dibazol". Its use is quite compatible with breastfeeding. But "Reserpine" and "Cordaflex" are better not to take. These medications can cause a significant increase in blood sugar levels.

In general, when using the above drugs, it is better to use the technique of expressing milk in order to cause minimal harm to the child.

Other means

A light massage of the temporal region of the head can help relieve pain in nursing mothers. Also, a good option would be to use the Lyapko "needle" applicator. You can put it under the back of your head and lie there for thirty minutes.

Sometimes headache attacks are relieved by an ordinary warm shower, which has a relaxing effect on the body.

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