How To Deal With Hunger

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How To Deal With Hunger
How To Deal With Hunger

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It is quite possible to cope with hunger on your own. It is not necessary to use special medicines. But along with hunger, many problems arise: drowsiness, irritability, and so on. there are adequate methods that help to cope with hunger and eliminate the "side effects".

How to deal with hunger
How to deal with hunger


Step 1

Exercise stress. It suppresses appetite and eliminates various types of spasms. If your willpower prevents you from starving anymore, then go outside and walk a couple of kilometers at a brisk pace. Through physical activity, the body uses fat as a source of energy.

Step 2

Warm water helps relieve hunger. With its help, the smooth muscles of the digestive tract are relaxed. Sugar-free coffee or tea works well for this. Drink a glass of boiled water before bed. And don't forget that your body needs fluid to break down fat.

Step 3

Various vegetables and fruits help to suppress hunger and eliminate various stomach cramps: apples - they contain a large amount of pectin; grapefruit - has a fat burning effect; cabbage, radish, onion, carrot, thanks to the content of naringin.

Step 4

Another way to deal with hunger is to eat frequently. Thus, nutrients will be constantly supplied to your body. Eating frequent meals means taking small portions multiple times. You shouldn't increase your daily calorie intake. For example, if you eat a bowl of soup at lunch, it is better to divide it into two meals with a break of three to four hours.

Step 5

Eat at least twice a day a variety of smoothies or whipped drinks, and you will eat 12% less per day, since foam is not a high-calorie method to increase the size of the dish. You can drink cocktails made from milk and kefir with fruit, you do not need to add sugar. Milk should be low-fat. Water is also low in calories, so add vegetables that contain water to your meals, such as cucumbers or tomatoes. Thus, you will satisfy your hunger with practically zero-calorie food.

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