How Not To Stutter

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How Not To Stutter
How Not To Stutter

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Stuttering is a speech disorder that is caused by the convulsive state of the muscles of the speech apparatus. There are two groups of causes of this speech disorder: producing (that is, "shocks") and predisposing (they are also called "soil"). However, whatever would be the cause of stuttering, this speech impairment can be overcome.

How not to stutter
How not to stutter


Step 1

Methods for dealing with stuttering depend on the degree of this speech disorder. There are three stages: light (manifests itself only in a very excited state), medium (stuttering occurs in a familiar environment) and heavy (accompanies all speech). At the same time, three types of the course of the violation are divided: constant, undulating and recurrent.

Step 2

To overcome stuttering, do not speak too loudly or, on the contrary, be very quiet. It is better to think over in advance what you want to say, and then calmly and slowly state everything, pronouncing syllable by syllable, word by word and sentence by sentence.

Step 3

Sit or stand up straight during a conversation. This will help you take a deep breath, which is so important for controlling the situation. Inhale deeply and quickly through your mouth.

Step 4

Aim for vowels, not consonants. If the word begins with a vowel, speak it in a lowered tone. And try to stretch all vowel sounds: that is, all the words of the sentence should form a polysyllabic word.

Step 5

You can overcome stuttering with the help of breathing exercises. The most effective exercise is the Pump. Stand up straight and lower your arms - this is the starting position.

Step 6

Then bend forward, lower your head and arms. Take a quick, noisy breath (as if you want to sniff the floor). Then rise up (but do not fully unbend), while making a passive inhalation and exhalation.

Step 7

Following this, bend over and take a noisy breath again. You need to do it in turn eight times, then rest and again approach eight breaths. The maximum load is twelve approaches, but for the first time several exercises are enough, gradually increasing the load.

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