The Child's Hands Are Shaking: What To Do

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The Child's Hands Are Shaking: What To Do
The Child's Hands Are Shaking: What To Do

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Hand tremors in children are called tremors. This condition can be both normal (physiological) and pathological, and indicate serious problems in the child's body.

The child's hands are shaking: what to do
The child's hands are shaking: what to do

Physiological tremor

There are a number of conditions in which hand shaking is normal in children.

Tremor of newborns. Babies often shake their hands and chin when crying, due to the immaturity of the nerve centers responsible for movement. To help the baby cope with this condition faster, the doctor may prescribe relaxing baths with sea salt or soothing herbal preparations, special gymnastics, and long walks in the fresh air.

Hand tremors after physical exertion. This condition is caused by muscle fatigue. No treatment is required, you just need to give the child a good rest. If tremors appear regularly after exercise, it is possible that the child's body uses up potassium and sodium too quickly. The most effective way to replenish the reserves of these microelements will help the usual compote from dried fruits, as well as apricots, bananas, dates.

Hand tremor with excitement, stress, emotional stress. If the hands of a child are shaking, who will speak in front of a large audience, take an exam, carry out a difficult assignment - this is also a variant of the norm. This is due to the fact that during stress, the hormone adrenaline is released, which causes involuntary muscle contractions, which is manifested by trembling of the hands. But, if this problem regularly torments a child attending an additional educational institution - a music or art school, where regular tests and exams are required, you should consider options for "unloading" the child's nervous system. Excitable children who are in "learning stress" for a long time are a risk category, and if the body reacts with tremors already in childhood, problems may arise in adulthood. The same applies to very young children who experience hand tremors every time they cry.

What can you offer such children as relaxation? First, strict adherence to the daily regimen, adequate sleep, and the longest walks. Secondly, orderly good nutrition, minimizing or completely eliminating stimulants (cola, chocolate, strong tea). Thirdly, if a child attends educational institutions of an unsportsmanlike nature, it is imperative to offer the child feasible physical activity at least 2-3 times a week. It can be swimming, cycling, rollerblading, skiing, skating, various ball games in the air, badminton, tennis. As a supplement, you can use (in the absence of allergies and after consulting a doctor) herbal decoctions (sedative fees) with honey. Occasionally, the doctor may prescribe a mild sedative in the form of a pharmacy drug - motherwort or valerian. You should know that the child needs to be given such funds not in the form of alcoholic infusions, but in tablets.

Pathological tremor

This condition is usually accompanied by other painful symptoms. It can be caused by various diseases of the nervous system, trauma, intoxication. Both diagnosis and treatment in these cases should be carried out only by a doctor.

If you begin to notice trembling in your child's hands, the first thing to do is see a doctor. After passing the examination, the doctor will be able to determine the exact cause of the tremor, on which the treatment will depend.

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