What Is Tunnel Syndrome

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What Is Tunnel Syndrome
What Is Tunnel Syndrome

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The symptoms of this disease are more or less familiar to everyone who works with a computer mouse for a long time. The hand begins to hurt, especially at the end of the working day, the fingers lose their former sensitivity, grow numb, and fine motor skills deteriorate. All this may indicate a disease of the 21st century - tunnel syndrome.

What is Tunnel Syndrome
What is Tunnel Syndrome


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Carpal tunnel syndrome has another name - carpal tunnel syndrome, which shows which part of the human body is involved in the lesion. The syndrome occurs due to inflammation of the median nerve passing through the tunnel near the wrist joint. The most common cause of this inflammation is a pinched nerve resulting from prolonged holding of the hand in an unnatural position for it, which is obtained when working with a computer mouse.

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The disease sneaks up unnoticed. His first bells are usually heard by the end of the working day, the pain can intensify towards night, and after a while it can become permanent, depriving the patient of his ability to work. Mild soreness first occurs in the wrist, involving the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. In some cases, the pain can also radiate to the ring finger. Gradually, it spreads up the arm and can reach the shoulder. The nature of the pain in this case can be described as dull and pulling. The tips of the fingers may become numb, and the hand may eventually become so weak that the patient has difficulty working with a pencil or pen, as well as handling cutlery.

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But one should not think that this disease appeared with the invention of computers, it is just that today it is most widespread. Previously, the victims of the disease were people with diabetes mellitus, hormonal imbalance, and sometimes pregnancy could cause tunnel syndrome.

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While the pain is characterized as moderate, the syndrome does not require any special treatment. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the convenience of the workplace, changing the height of the desktop, switching from a regular mouse to a graphics tablet. In any word, it is necessary to eliminate the most likely cause of the carpal tunnel syndrome. Gradually, the former sensitivity will return to the hand and the pain will also disappear.

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To alleviate the condition, the doctor may prescribe the patient to wear a special splint, but if this does not work, a small operation may be required. Full workability returns to the arm approximately 3 weeks after surgery. At the same time, the seam can remain quite sensitive for several months, but over time the situation stabilizes and the patient begins to feel as before.

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