"Kinder Biovital" (gel): Instructions For Use, Reviews

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"Kinder Biovital" (gel): Instructions For Use, Reviews
"Kinder Biovital" (gel): Instructions For Use, Reviews

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A complete supply of minerals and vitamins is essential for the human body. Small children especially need such support. To provide the child's body with valuable substances, many preparations have been created with the content of essential vitamins.


During an increased growth, children need a considerable amount of nutrients for full development. With their lack, immunity is seriously reduced and various diseases arise. One of the most effective helpers in supplying the child's body with vitamins is a drug called Kinder Biovital in the form of a gel.

Description of the product, release form


The product is specially designed for children and is taken orally. The release is made in the form of a gel, which is a viscous mass with a moderate liquid, light yellow in color, inside which contains a certain amount of air bubbles. She has a faint sweet and sour aftertaste, a light orange scent.

Composition of the preparation:


· Thiamine hydrochloride.

· Colecalciferol.

· Retinol palmitate.

· Calcium pantothenate.

· Cyanocobalamin.

· Ascorbic acid.

· Calcium phosphinate.

· Nicotinamide.

· Sodium molybdate.

· Manganese citrate.

· Lecithin.

In addition to these elements, the complex includes ethanol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, demineralized water, vanillin, sucrose, etc.

The product is packaged in aluminum tubes in the amount of 175 g, which are placed in cardboard boxes. The instruction for the preparation is supplied inside the package.

For those who are uncomfortable using the vitamin complex in the form of a gel, another form has been developed - chewable lozenges. They are made in the form of bears, color - red or yellow, tastes can be raspberry, orange. Gummy bears are marketed under the name Kinder Biovital wedgehogs.

Pharmacological properties

Kinder Biovital is intended for use by children. With its help, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body is replenished.

The nutrients included in this product are important elements for successful development. With their help, the synthesis of hormones, various enzymes and other necessary substances is provided in the child's body.

Properties of the gel and benefits for the child's body


In pediatric practice, Kinder Biovital is very popular. The remarkable therapeutic effect of using the gel is due to the properties of the components in its composition:

· Vitamin A - has an immunomodulatory effect. Under its action, the healing processes of wounds and cuts are accelerated, epithelium is formed, and vision is much improved. Vitamin A is involved in the production of visual pigments.

· Vitamins B6, B12 and the like are involved in strengthening the immune system and the nervous system. Thanks to the work of vitamin B6, muscle growth, cardiac activity improves, it also takes part in carbohydrate-fat metabolism and metabolic processes.

· Vitamin C provides support for immune function and assists in the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Takes part in the formation of collagen, provides support for redox processes.

· Vitamin D3 is a good remedy for the prevention of rickets, muscle weakness, and diseases of the nervous system. Helps absorb calcium. Thanks to its content, bones and teeth become stronger, muscles and nervous system maintain endurance for a long time.

· Folic acid affects the synthesis of purines, methionine, thymidylate. Under its influence, metabolism is accelerated and improved, cell growth is improved.

In most cases, the multivitamin complex does not cause problems during administration, it is perfectly absorbed, all metabolic processes proceed quite calmly.

Indications for the use of the gel

According to the instructions, the appointment of the drug is carried out in cases where it is required to carry out treatment or prevention of vitamin deficiency or hypovitaminosis, with a diagnosed lack of minerals. Such conditions can be observed if the child does not eat properly, is inadequate, or there are any diseases. The gel can be prescribed for adolescents with stunted growth, in order to prevent rickets.

The remedy is taken not only with the aim of improving development, but also during recovery after a serious, prolonged illness. It can be used in conjunction with antibiotics as part of complex therapy.

Contraindications to taking the drug

Kinder Biovital should not be used in such cases:

· With an excess of vitamins A, D in the body.

· In cases when the patient is diagnosed with an allergy to any components of the vitamin complex.

· With hypercalcemia and sarcoidosis, Itsenko-Cushing's disease, hypothyroidism.

The decision to start using the drug must be made by the attending physician.

Instructions for use


Means for supplying the body with vitamins can be consumed regardless of meals. It is used for both internal and topical application. The timing of the treatment should be determined by the doctor.

When determining the dosage for admission to adolescents and children over 10 years old, as a rule, one dessert spoon is prescribed, consumed twice a day. Infants and younger students are given half a teaspoon of gel, three times a day.

When prescribing an agent for local treatment - this can be the case with stomatitis, lesions of the oral mucosa - the drug is applied in a thin layer to the affected area. There it must be left and wait until it completely dissolves.

Side effects

The ingredients of the complex, as a rule, do not cause negative manifestations. The active substances in it are contained in such a dosage that is capable of providing a good therapeutic effect, but not sufficient to provoke a side effect.

In some cases, hypersensitivity reactions to individual components of the drug are noted, allergies may occur.

It is assumed that if the dosage of the medicinal product is exceeded, hypervitaminosis may occur. But so far there has been no evidence of such disturbances in the body's work. When the gel is consumed in an amount exceeding 100 g at a time, indigestion, abdominal pain and nausea may occur. You should immediately flush the stomach, therapy is symptomatic.

Additional recommendations


You can buy such a product in a pharmacy without presenting a prescription. But you cannot give it to a child without the prior approval of the attending physician. In order to prevent the development of hypervitaminosis, it is not recommended to combine a multivitamin complex with other similar drugs.

It is recommended to take such a remedy with caution in patients with diabetes mellitus.

According to pediatricians' reviews, Kinder Biovital is a good multivitamin complex with high efficiency. Many of the parents who gave the drug to children are of the same opinion.

When using the gel, children get sick much less often, they feel great, their mood is calm and even. The convenient form of release allows you to easily administer the drug even to very young children. Due to its pleasant fruity taste and aroma, almost none of the children wants to refuse it. It is only in the case of the child's individual dislike that sometimes problems arise in order to persuade him to accept the remedy.

The advantages of a complex drug include its inexpensive price and availability.

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