Gastrocepin: Instructions For Use

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Gastrocepin: Instructions For Use
Gastrocepin: Instructions For Use

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Gastrocepin is a drug, the action of which is aimed at the treatment and preventive measures of gastric and duodenal ulcers.


The use of Gastrocepin should be discussed with your doctor. The drug is released in the form of ampoules and tablets. The method and amount prescribed for admission depends on the severity of the process and the severity of its course. The medicine has an effect on the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the production of the secretory component of its glands.

Composition of the preparation


The main active ingredient of the drug is pirenzepine. Thanks to him, the high efficiency of the drug is ensured. Due to the work of additional components, its structure is stabilized. The absorption of the drug, the ability to dissolve, the timing of exposure to the body - all this can be brought to normal and improve the efficiency for the work of the human body with the help of auxiliary components.

In addition to the main substance, Gastrocepin contains:

· Dry corn starch.

· Lactose monohydrate.

· Magnesium stearate.

· Silica.

The same medicine released as a solution includes propylene glycol, glacial acetic acid, sodium trihydral acetate, saline, and water for injection.

Release form of the drug


The medicine is produced in the form of tablets and a solution for injection, which is placed in ampoules.

The solution is intended for intramuscular and intravenous injections. It is watery, transparent, has no smell or taste. It is marketed in a dosage where an ampoule of a drug containing 2 ml or 10, 43 mg includes 10 mg of pirenzepine equivalent.

The tablets have different dosages. There can be tablets of 25 and 50 mg, which are packed in a blister of 10 pieces. Blisters are placed in cardboard boxes - 2, 5 and 10 pieces.

The color of the tablets is white, the shape is round, beveled at the edges. In the middle is a line that helps to divide the pill into two halves.

Pharmacokinetic properties

The substance pirenzepine is classified as an anticholinergic drug that acts as a cross-blocker of muscarinic receptors. It is capable of influencing receptors located in the brain and nervous system.

The therapeutic dose of the substance does not allow the active component to penetrate through the brain. But as the dose is increased, the effect of the drug on the body may change. In this case, side effects are often manifested, therefore, it is necessary to treat the admission carefully and follow the instructions of the attending physician.

When taken orally, the drug is not completely absorbed. The main active drug has a bioavailability of about 20%. Taking an average dose of 50 mg, if the medicine was taken half an hour before a meal, the peak concentration of the active substance in the blood occurs after 3 hours. Distribution occurs at 35 ng / ml. Eating food affects how the drug is absorbed.

If the drug is administered intramuscularly, the active substance is completely absorbed in 20 minutes. The peak concentration after intramuscular injection is 20 ng / ml more, it will be 90 ng / ml. When administered intravenously, it will be 90 ng / ml after half an hour. If intramuscular and intravenous infusion is performed simultaneously, the concentration curve rises by 20%.

The interaction with proteins is characterized as minimal. It is about 12%. The active substance does not pass through the placenta and the blood-brain barrier. An extremely low concentration in breast milk can be noted.

There is no metabolism of the drug in the liver, but with intravenous infusion, it can be noted in a small amount. Withdrawal of pirenzepine is carried out unchanged.It bypasses all parts of the gastrointestinal tract and leaves the body along with feces. A small amount is excreted in the urine. On average, the half-life lasts about 10 hours.

Gastrocepin - indications and contraindications


The main indication for the use of Gastrocepin for treatment is a stomach or duodenal ulcer. Suitable not only for use as a medicinal product, but also for prophylaxis. Due to the hypoacid properties, it is possible to use the drug in such pathological conditions:

· Pylorospasm.

· Hyperacid chronic esophagoreflux disease.

· Erosions and ulcers of the digestive tract.

· Duodenitis.

· Bleeding caused by an ulcer.

· Stress and drug-induced stomach ulcers.

Doctors are likely to prohibit the use of Gastotsepin for treatment if certain features of the patient's health are noted.

The main contraindications to the use of the drug for treatment:

· Individual intolerance.

· The patient has a history of glucose-galactose malabsorption.

· Chronic severe renal failure.

Intestinal obstruction.

There are also relative contraindications to the use of the drug. In such cases, it is appropriate to use the drug in cases where the risks from the use outweigh the benefits obtained. It is necessary to use Gastrocepin with caution in the following conditions:

· The period of gestation and breastfeeding.

· Children's age (up to 18 years old).


· A permanent form of tachycardia or a malignant form of the disease.

· Benign prostatic hypertrophy.

The choice of the duration of treatment with the drug, its frequency and dosage should be carried out by the attending physician. When prescribing, take into account the severity of the disease, the characteristics of the body, and the medications taken at the same time. On average, the length of the treatment course is 4-6 weeks.

It is worth warning patients that until the end of the course it is impossible to quit taking the drug, if there are no obvious indications for this. Often, patients begin to take Gastrocepin, get the first results and stop using it on time. But do not think that the resulting small effect will persist for a long time - after a while the condition will worsen again, and it will not be easy to catch up.

According to the instructions, the average dose of the substance for one day is 100 mg. It is divided into two doses - 50 mg in the morning, 50 mg in the evening. If there is no effect from the intake or it is very small, the doctor may also prescribe one dose of the drug in the afternoon, its dose is 25 mg. Another option is used - the daily dose is divided into three parts, taking into account the activity of gastric secretion.

Regardless of what form of medicine is prescribed, it must be taken half an hour before meals. The tablets are washed down with clean non-carbonated water.

Possible side effects


When using the drug, adverse results are possible, which must be immediately reported to the doctor.

On the part of the digestive tract, the body can react with a feeling of dry mouth, sometimes diarrhea begins. The central nervous system sometimes reacts to the active substance of the drug with dizziness and headache, confusion may appear. Tachycardia is also noted, there may be troubles from the urinary system.


If Gastrocepin is not suitable for a person for any reason, a substitute can be used. As an analog drug, you can use for the treatment of Gastrotypin containing the same active ingredient, or Ampilop, Venter, Sukralfat-Darnitsa with other active ingredients, but the same effect.

The price of a medicine in the form of tablets in pharmacies can be in the range of 300-450 rubles. The price for Gastrocepin No. 50 is 500-700 rubles. The injection solution costs about the same.

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