Lactogel: Application, Prices, Instructions

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Lactogel: Application, Prices, Instructions
Lactogel: Application, Prices, Instructions

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Most women of childbearing age experience discomfort in the intimate area from time to time. To eliminate discomfort in the vaginal environment, use the drug Lactogel.


With bacterial vaginosis, quite unpleasant symptoms can appear - itching, a characteristic odor, discharge. To eliminate them, it is necessary to carry out treatment using effective drugs, one of which is Lactogel.

The composition of the drug and the form of release


The active components of the product are glycogen and lactic acid. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, propylene glycol, water, sodium lactate and others are used as auxiliary.

The lactic acid present in the composition lowers the pH of the vaginal environment, making it more acidic. Under the influence of glycogen, active growth of lactobacilli begins. This is how the natural environment of the delicate zone is restored. The intensity of discharge, which often has an unpleasant odor, decreases, and itching decreases. Lower abdominal pain decreases or disappears.

One package of the drug contains 7 tubes, each of which is designed for one use. The volume of one tube is 5 ml. According to reviews, Lactagel is very convenient to use. Each mini-tube has a special tip that helps to insert the product into the vagina to the desired depth.

What happens when you get bacterial vaginosis


Bacterial vaginosis is manifested by a pungent and unpleasant odor from the vagina, profuse discharge. During intercourse, patients experience severe discomfort, severe itching in the genital area, vaginal dysbiosis begins, as a result of which the production of lactobacilli decreases. The use of Lactogel provokes an imbalance of vaginal microorganisms.

The flora of the female genital organs is quite diverse. It has the highest content of lactic acid bacteria. They carry out the transformation of epithelial cells, ensure the production of lactobacilli and the formation of an acidic environment, which complicates the life of pathogenic microorganisms. As a result, the body develops its own defense against infections. With a decrease in the number of lactic acid bacteria, the content of opportunistic pathogenic bacteria increases, which cause discomfort in the intimate area.

The main causes of dysbiosis:

· Hormonal changes in the body due to pregnancy, abortion or menopause.

· Taking antibiotics, antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs, antifungal agents.

· Use of vaginal suppositories, douching and vaginal irrigation.

· Change of sexual partner.

Prolonged menstruation.

· Improper use of vaginal tampons.

At the first signs of vaginosis, not every woman seeks to see a doctor. Most often, they begin to self-medicate, carry out procedures like douching, because of which the disease only intensifies. Using a therapeutic gel, it is possible to prevent the development of bacterial vaginosis.

What is the result of using Lactogel


The drug helps to create a special nutrient medium that has a positive effect on the growth of lactic acid bacteria. They ensure the production of lactic acid, which lowers the pH level to normal.

The gel not only helps to establish the natural formation of lactic acid, but also contains it. Therefore, many notice an improvement after the first use of the product. The intensity of symptoms decreases, and after the full course of treatment, bacterial vaginosis disappears.

The use of Lactogel helps to quickly cope with vaginal dysbiosis. The gel is included in the complex therapy.Its use does not provoke negative reactions, it is fast and affordable.

Indications for use

In the instructions, it is recommended to use the medicine if there are well-marked signs of bacterial vaginosis. These include abundant discharge, which has an unpleasant characteristic odor, and a feeling of discomfort in the intimate area.

This remedy is indicated if, as a result of laboratory analysis, a diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis is made. In this case, there may not be any external manifestations of the disease. The gel is prescribed to be taken in order to normalize the pH level of the vaginal environment. If the patient is already undergoing therapy, which includes antibiotic and antifungal drugs, it is not necessary to refuse treatment with Lactogel. The remedy also helps to eliminate the signs of vaginosis, which may be noted after the end of menstruation or during hormonal changes.

Tips for using Lactogel


The instructions for use of the drug contain recommendations and rules that must be carefully studied before use. Lactogel is produced in special tubes, which are packed in packs of 7 pieces - as they are sold in pharmacies.

To take the drug, you must adhere to the following scheme:

· Remove the cap from the tube containing the medicine.

· Insert the tip of the tube into the vagina.

· Squeeze out the contents by pressing on the walls of the tube.

· Carefully pull the tube out while continuing to press on the walls.

After the procedure, the used tube is discarded. It is better to administer the drug before bedtime. If it is done during the daytime, it is recommended to use a sanitary napkin, as the gel may leak.

If there are symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, profuse strong-smelling discharge, constant discomfort, use a tube of gel every day for a week. To prevent illness and maintain the microflora of the delicate zone in a natural form, apply the product once or twice a week.

If it is necessary to maintain a normal vaginal environment, as may be the case during treatment with potent drugs or after that, the gel is administered once. The daily administration of Lactogel for two days helps to cope with the signs of bacterial vaginosis after critical days.

Recommendations for use

For the convenience of users, the instructions contain recommendations for taking the product. During pregnancy, the use is not prohibited, but it will be necessary to pass an analysis for the presence of infection in the vagina in order to receive appointments.

Do not use the drug while trying to conceive. A decrease in acidity decreases sperm activity and complicates fertilization. But the drug has no contraceptive properties.

Do not leave the tubes of the drug for further use if they are damaged or the shelf life has expired.

It should be noted that there is no analogue for Lactogel. If it is necessary to replace the agent with another, a similar composition is chosen that can restore the microflora in the intimate area.

The price of the drug is not cheap, but quite affordable. For one package, you need to pay about 500 rubles. The country of manufacture is Sweden, and the quality of the drug corresponds to its cost.

Reviews about the drug

According to reviews, after the start of using the medication, the discomfort was significantly reduced. The results can be obtained in a short time, the general condition improves significantly, discomfort disappears. Many patients are enthusiastic about its action and claim that they would use it much more often, if not for the cost.

Those for whom the drug is not suitable due to individual intolerance can use a product with a similar effect, but with other components in the composition.

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