Alfacalcidol: Instructions For Use, Release Form, Reviews

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Alfacalcidol: Instructions For Use, Release Form, Reviews
Alfacalcidol: Instructions For Use, Release Form, Reviews

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With a deficiency of vitamin D3 in the body, there can be considerable health problems. Children with a lack of it can develop rickets. Adults develop osteoporosis or other problems.

"Alfacalcidol": instructions for use, release form, reviews
"Alfacalcidol": instructions for use, release form, reviews

To remedy the situation, various medications may be prescribed, among which Alfacalcidol Teva is considered one of the most popular. It is a drug that is released in the form of tablets, there are also such release forms as drops and solution for injection.

Pharmacodynamic properties


The instruction describes the drug "Alfacalcidol" as a means by which it is possible to restore the balance of vitamins and minerals. It is vitamin D3 in its active form. Another important property of the drug is the regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Regular use works to stimulate bone formation. Under its action, the absorption of phosphorus, calcium in the liver and intestines increases. The mineralization of bone tissue increases, and the risk of fractures decreases.

When using the drug in a course, coordination of movements improves, the intensity of bone and muscle pains, which begin due to problems with phosphorus-calcium metabolism, decreases.

"Alfacalcidol" in pharmacies is presented in several forms. They have a slightly different content of excipients.

  1. Tablets are presented in dosages of 0, 25 and 1 μg. The active substance alfacalcidol in them is combined with ethanol, citric acid and peanut oil, propyl gallate.
  2. The drops are an oily liquid formulation for oral administration. Each milliliter contains 9 mcg of active ingredient.

When will the medication be useful?

According to the instructions, the use of "Alfacalcidol" is prescribed in cases where there is osteodystrophy, hypoparathyroidism or chronic renal failure. The medicine can be prescribed for rickets, osteomalacia, in which the volume of bone tissue is significantly reduced, bone softening appears. The use of the medication is indicated for osteoporosis.

It is often prescribed for a history of renal acidosis or Fanconi's syndrome. This disease is complex and includes many different ailments. The drug provides significant assistance in the fight against such diseases.


Contraindications to the appointment of funds

Conditions in which it is better to refrain from taking are listed in the instructions for the drug. According to experts, the drug cannot be used in case of general intoxication of the body, which is caused by an excess of vitamin D. Hypercalcemia, hypermagnesemia, hyperphosphatemia - all these are indications for prohibiting the drug to be taken.

The drug "Alfacalcidol" can not be used to treat women who are breastfeeding, as well as those of patients who have an individual sensitivity to this medication.

Methods of using the drug, dosage


The instructions for use of this medication contain complete information on exactly how to use it and how to dose it. Release form - tablets of 0, 25 or 1 mcg. The dosage of the course and the time the doctor selects individually, depending on how difficult the patient's condition is and the nature of his disease.

For adult patients with problems with rickets, which is caused by problems with the gastrointestinal tract or a lack of necessary substances in the body, the appointment can be as follows: within a day, it is recommended to receive a dose of 1-3 μg.

In the treatment of hypoparathyroidism, a good effect can be obtained with the use of a medication in an amount of 2-4 μg per day. With insufficiently good kidney function and osteodystrophy, the volume of the medication should not be more than 2 μg per day.

For measures for the treatment of Falconi syndrome and renal acidosis, treatment with a patient receiving 2-6 μg of a substance per day is considered effective. With osteomalacia, hypophosphatemic rickets, the daily dosage is prescribed in the range of 4-20 μg.

Health professionals recommend starting the treatment process with small dosages that are considered appropriate for specific diseases. During treatment, it is necessary to regularly check the content of phosphorus, calcium in the blood plasma, it is recommended to check once a week. You can increase the dosage of "Alfacalcidol" by about 0.5 mcg per day.

Possible side effects

Before taking "Alfacalcidol", it is recommended to read the list of side effects. The first thing the digestive system may react to the use of the medicine. Often there is nausea and vomiting, a problem with stools, heartburn, and mucous membranes in the mouth become dry. Often, taking a medication affects the appearance of anorexia.

The central nervous system may respond to taking the drug as follows. Weakness begins, turning into drowsiness, dizzy, the patient complains of frequent fatigue. Some talk about an increase in heart rate, an increase in blood pressure indicators. Sometimes dermatological reactions develop, which are manifested by rashes, itchy skin.

Alfacacidol can cause mild pain in bones, joints and muscles. If the patient suffers from problems with kidney function, there is a high likelihood of developing hyperphosphatemia, hypercalcemia.

Drug overdose

If the dosage indicated by the doctor is exceeded, the consequences can be extremely unpleasant. An overdose may be indicated by a metallic taste in the mouth, muscle pain, problems with the digestive tract, a feeling of fatigue for no reason.

In order to quickly cope with the consequences of an overdose of a medication, it must be immediately canceled, and the stomach must be washed. Treatment of the consequences is prescribed depending on the symptoms.

Interaction with other drugs

With the joint administration of drugs to alleviate the condition with epilepsy, barbiturates, phenytoin, the effect of the use of "Alfacalcidol" decreases. If it is necessary to include such drugs in therapy, this feature should be taken into account.

In cases where the remedy is used in conjunction with digitalis drugs, there is some risk of cardiac arrhythmia. When used together with thiazide diuretics, calcium-containing agents, the formation of hypercalcemia increases.

You can not take "Alfacalcidol" together with cholecalciferol and derivatives of this drug.



If, for some reason, instead of "Alfacalcidol" it is recommended to take a similar remedy, you can choose drugs from a large list. The instructions for use indicate several products with a similar effect - these are "Van-alpha", "Etalfa", "Tevabon", "Oksidevit" and others.

Manufacturers offer drugs of similar action in various forms: tablets, gelatin capsules, powder, drops, various solutions intended for intravenous infusion.

Reviews about "Alfacalcidol"

All medications have both positive and negative reviews. Their appearance is influenced by both the effectiveness of the drug and the characteristics of the patient's body, as well as how carefully he follows the prescriptions of the attending physician.

"Alfacaltsodol" is able to improve the health of patients suffering from various diseases associated with a deficiency of minerals and vitamins, impaired phosphorus-calcium metabolism. The drug has a positive effect on the health of hair and nails.

The effect of Alfacalcidol on the body is quite strong. Therefore, this drug is not available on the free market - you need a prescription from a doctor to buy it.Some patients are unhappy with this, but most doctors consider this approach justified.

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