"Mikostop", Cream-paste For Nails: Instructions For Use

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"Mikostop", Cream-paste For Nails: Instructions For Use
"Mikostop", Cream-paste For Nails: Instructions For Use

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People who are confronted with a disease such as nail fungus know how difficult it can be to find the right drug for treatment. This disease can also occur under the name of onychomycosis.

"Mikostop", cream-paste for nails: instructions for use
"Mikostop", cream-paste for nails: instructions for use

When the nails are affected by the fungus, it is not easy to return the plates to health and their previous appearance. The disease can manifest itself at any age. Various medicines have been developed, the action of which is aimed at combating pathogenic microorganisms that seek to destroy the nail plate. Mikostop is recognized as one of the most effective medicinal products.

What is the drug


One of the forms of release of the product is cream paste. Its action is aimed both at combating the symptoms of the disease, and at providing the most comfortable conditions for the growth of a healthy nail.

Micostop cream in uncomplicated cases can be a good alternative to surgical intervention. With its help, you can painlessly perform nail removal. The product is released in tubes of 20 g, the consistency is dense, thick. The product is suitable for use with other Mycostop products with antifungal action.

Composition of the preparation

A special antifungal drug in the form of a cream paste is used externally. It helps to successfully cope with the manifestations of a fungal infection that affects the nail plate. This is facilitated by the components that make up the product:

  • Octyldodecanol.
  • Urea with a moisturizing effect.
  • Glyceryl stearate.
  • Fenochem, which is an antifungal agent.
  • Glycerol.
  • Isopropyl palmyrate.
  • Cetylstearyl alcohol.
  • Water.

Thanks to the auxiliary substances, a homogeneous thick consistency of the ointment is provided, the possibility of using it within 36 months after the tube was opened. The skin around the plate receives full hydration and softening, nourishment, thanks to which the new nail grows back much faster.

Indications for use

When developing Mykostop, special attention was paid to ensure that with the help of the composition it was possible to remove the affected area of ​​the nail without unnecessary difficulties. The cream provides a painless treatment process, gently affects the nail plate. The main advantage of this product is that it does not contain dyes and various harmful components.

The use of Mycostop cream paste is recommended for severe forms of fungal infection. If the disease was caught at the initial stage, you can use an antifungal cream of the same series. In case of deformation of the nail plate, it will need to be removed. Before the appearance of Mycostop cream paste, for this it was necessary to consult a doctor and carry out the procedure in a medical office. Now patients can perform the procedure on their own, at home, there is no need to conduct a thorough preliminary preparation. No pain relief is required for this procedure.

How is the effect of the drug manifested


Urea, which is one of the components of this product, has a softening effect on the structure of the nail plate. With regular treatments, it becomes looser, and after several applications, it becomes possible to remove the affected area. To do this, you need a nail file or a special scraper. With this approach, it is possible to remove both the fungal focus and the damaged nail. Another advantage of using Mycostop cream is hypoallergenicity.

Micostop provides a gentle softening effect and allows you to quickly obtain good results. That is why it is often prescribed for use by mycologists and dermatologists.

How to get infected with a fungus

Antifungal drugs that are used for treatment must be selected carefully.Nail fungus is a contagious disease. You can get parasites in the gym or swimming pool by wearing shoes that are too tight or made of synthetic materials. The onset of the disease occurs after the defeat of one nail, after which the disease spreads further. If untreated, the disease progresses rapidly and captures the plates located in the neighborhood.

The first of the signs that the nail is affected by a fungus are changes in the structure of the plate. It thickens, softening is noted, color may change. Noticing such changes, you should be on your guard. It is best to see a doctor right away to do an examination of the infected areas. If the diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor will prescribe antifungal medications for treatment.

Instructions for using the medicine


To remove a nail using cream paste, proceed as follows:

  • A thorough cleaning of the surface is carried out using disinfectants. The paste should be applied in a thick layer to the entire affected area, being careful not to touch healthy areas of the skin. You can pre-seal the nearby area with a plaster.
  • Cotton pads or sterile wipes are applied to the paste, strengthened with a plaster.
  • The bandage should be left on the affected area for a couple of days.

While the cream remains on the surface of the nail, the action of urea loosens the plate. When two days have passed from the moment the bandage is applied, it must be removed, and the softened nail must be removed with a manicure file. Usually, the damaged nail can be completely cleaned in two or three procedures.

If the disease is seriously advanced, the agent can be prescribed in conjunction with other medicines with antifungal action. They are applied several times a day in a thin layer. Until the moment when the nail is fully restored, it will take 10-15 days.

Mikostop is not used to prevent fungal infections. A means for removing the nail plate is not recommended if the disease is in its initial stage. If the fungus needs to be treated in a pregnant woman, it is possible to use this drug, but under the strict supervision of a doctor.

Contraindications to the use of funds

Antifungal cream has a local effect on the nail and skin. Its components do not penetrate the bloodstream, there is no risk of side effects. Sometimes the manifestation of allergies is possible, which appears as reddening of the skin, severe itching or a slight burning sensation. The same symptoms may indicate an individual intolerance to the components.

To avoid the trouble of exposure to the drug, it is recommended that preliminary testing be done. For this, you can use a simple Mycostop cream. Its composition is similar to cream paste, but the urea content is slightly lower. A small amount of the agent is applied to the inner area of ​​the elbow bend, after which it is necessary to observe the condition of the skin for some time. Unpleasant symptoms that appear within an hour will be the reason to stop using the drug.

Reviews about the drug

The main advantages of using this tool are ease of use, good effect, and availability. He has a low price - for a tube containing 75 g, you have to pay about 300 rubles in pharmacies. With the help of the drug, painless removal of the affected part of the nail is achieved. There are many drugs with antifungal effect in pharmacies, but there is no similar drug to Mycostop.

Patients who have used the drug to treat nail fungus are usually happy with the result. Mycostop is recognized as one of the safest topical drugs that can effectively treat the fungus. A specialist consultation is required before use.

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