How Detralex And Venarus Differ

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How Detralex And Venarus Differ
How Detralex And Venarus Differ

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Varicose veins are a disease that is more common in women, but men cannot avoid it either. Blood circulation during illness significantly deteriorates, due to which the walls of blood vessels begin to stretch. There are problems with the functioning of the venous valves.

How Detralex and Venarus differ
How Detralex and Venarus differ

To strengthen the blood vessels, a drug called Detralex may be prescribed. It belongs to the category of expensive, so in some cases it may be recommended to replace it with Venarus. Despite the fact that it is cheaper, patients are in no hurry to admit it. Many of those who are offered a replacement drug are interested in what is more effective. To decide if Detralex or Venarus is more suitable for your case, it is necessary with a specialist.

Differences between Venarus and Detralex

From the point of view of medicine, the differences between the drugs are small. They are interchangeable, since they contain the same active ingredients, but nevertheless, Detralex's action manifests itself faster. The reason for this is the micronized diosmin in the composition.

Both the one and the other drug are available in the form of tablets. They are prescribed for the same diseases, but their side effects manifest themselves in different ways. During treatment with them, patients often experience indigestion. But taking Detralex causes a feeling of dissatisfaction, and when taking Venarus, patients often complain of skin problems, a rash, and a constant breakdown. Therefore, it is worth talking with the attending physician about what is the best way to be treated - he will make a decision, assessing the patient's condition, the nature of the disease and possible side effects.

Medicines are prescribed for taking with meals, the course is 3-4 months. Excretion from the body is at the same rate. You can also be treated with these drugs during pregnancy - no harmful effects on the fetus have been noted.

Detralex, which is a French drug, is more expensive than Venarus.

When are these medications prescribed?

The decision about what is best to take is made depending on the specific illness and condition of the patient. Drugs can be prescribed in the following cases:

1. If necessary, eliminate the manifestations of hemorrhoids, which have taken an acute form.

2. For symptomatic treatment of varicose veins at the initial stage, to reduce pain and blood circulation problems, eliminate puffiness.

3. For the prevention of varicose veins.

4. To prevent exacerbations in the case of chronic hemorrhoids.

Medicines are prescribed in combination with others. A good effect can be achieved with the simultaneous use of anti-inflammatory drugs, if hemorrhoids are treated, and ointments with a firming effect.

Neither Detralex nor Venarus will affect driving attentiveness. But for patients engaged in any activity that requires increased attention, it is better to stop at Detralex. Its use is less likely to cause fatigue, dizziness and headaches. As for Venarus, it is not only cheaper, but also almost does not provoke side effects from the gastrointestinal tract.

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