How To Treat A Rotavirus Infection

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How To Treat A Rotavirus Infection
How To Treat A Rotavirus Infection

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Stomach flu, rotavirus gastroenteritis, intestinal flu are all rotavirus infections. Acute infectious disease with damage to the gastrointestinal system and general intoxication of the body. You can get this infection at any age, but most often children get sick.

How to treat a rotavirus infection
How to treat a rotavirus infection


  • - rehydration agents
  • - antipyretic drugs


Step 1

Children under 6 months old are less susceptible to this disease, since the infant's body has antibodies obtained from the mother. Treatment of rotavirus infection begins immediately after the first symptoms appear: vomiting, diarrhea, fever. The first thing to start with treatment is to take rehydration agents. Activated carbon, smectite, attapulgite are suitable. There are no more effective drugs for fighting infection.

Step 2

If there is an increase in temperature, and it often accompanies the disease, give the patient antipyretic drugs.

Step 3

Due to intestinal upset, the body loses a lot of water. The patient needs plenty of drink, which will make up for water losses. It is better to drink a little, but often. The medical preparation "Regidron" will perfectly cope with the replenishment of the body's water balance. It has no age restrictions, it is perfect even for small children.

Step 4

Follow a food diet. Meals should be light. The use of dairy products is prohibited until complete recovery. Porridge on the water, jelly and compotes are well suited. As a rule, the body fights the virus, and the disease goes away after a few days.

Step 5

If a patient with a rotavirus infection appears in the house, isolate him from others and provide him with individual items: a mug, spoon, plate, towel. The quarantine is enforced for two weeks. Even after recovery, the patient is still dangerous to others.

Step 6

Be sure to only consume fresh food and purified water. Follow your personal hygiene (wash your hands when you come from the street, after using the toilet, etc.). Rotovirus dies when boiled, but retains its properties when frozen.

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