Symptoms And Signs Of Breast Mastopathy

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Symptoms And Signs Of Breast Mastopathy
Symptoms And Signs Of Breast Mastopathy

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Women's breasts are directly affected by hormones. Therefore, the mammary glands quite often suffer from various kinds of diseases. For example, many women face such a problem as breast mastopathy.

Breast mastopathy
Breast mastopathy

Benign formations in the mammary gland, accompanied by tissue overgrowth, are called mastopathy. This disease develops as a result of hormonal imbalance. There are only two main types of mastopathy: nodular and diffuse.

Symptoms of nodular mastopathy

Scientifically, this type of mastopathy is called localized adenomatosis. The main symptom of this disease is the presence of tumor-like seals with clear boundaries in the tissues of the mammary gland. In the premenstrual period, the breast itself and the lumps present in it become painful.

One of the features of nodular mastopathy is that during its development, the nodes cannot be palpated in the supine position. Regional lymph nodes are not enlarged in this disease.

Sometimes, with nodular mastopathy, separate drops of a transparent or yellowish-brown or bloody fluid can be released from the nipples when pressing on the chest.

The symptoms of nodular mastopathy are similar to those of breast cancer. Therefore, the patient, when they are found, should definitely contact a mammologist. The main treatment for this disease is surgery.

Signs of diffuse mastopathy

This type of mastopathy is characterized primarily by the fact that in this case the entire mammary gland is affected, and not its individual areas. With the development of this disease in the mammary gland, the ratio of connective tissue and epithelial components is disturbed. As a result, the structure of the lobules and ducts is disrupted in the chest, and small cysts are also formed.

The main symptom of diffuse mastopathy is pain in the mammary gland in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. Chest pain during this period can be stabbing, aching or bursting. However, it is often given to the shoulder, neck, back or hypochondrium.

Also, in some cases, the symptoms of this disease may be:

  • thickening of the breast tissue;
  • swelling of the breast;
  • discharge from the nipples;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • discomfort under the armpits.

When examining patients with diffuse mastopathy, among other things, granular formations are found.

In the early stages of this condition, at the end of your period, the lumps in your breasts may disappear. At a later date, they, like pain in the mammary glands, persist regardless of the cycle.

Against the background of diffuse mastopathy, patients can, among other things, be diagnosed with diseases such as endometriosis, uterine fibroma, ovarian cysts and some others. In addition, in the presence of such mastopathy, patients often experience dry skin, brittle nails and hair.

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