What To Do In Case Of Alcohol Poisoning

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What To Do In Case Of Alcohol Poisoning
What To Do In Case Of Alcohol Poisoning

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For all sorts of holidays, most people have on their tables not only all kinds of delicious dishes, but also alcohol. It is almost impossible to do without such drinks for the New Year, on an anniversary or at a wedding. And, although most people drink alcohol on holidays in moderation, alcohol poisoning on such days is still possible. So what should you do if a person who has drunk too much alcohol suddenly becomes ill?

What to do in case of alcohol poisoning
What to do in case of alcohol poisoning


  • - ammonia;
  • - warm water;
  • - towel;
  • - some kind of sorbent.


Step 1

What to do in case of alcohol poisoning? First of all, of course, be sure to call your doctor. Alcohol poisoning is actually very serious. If a person is not provided with qualified medical care, he may even die.

Step 2

While the ambulance is on its way, give the victim first aid. In case of alcohol poisoning, first of all, check if the patient's airways are not clogged with vomit. If necessary, clean them by placing the person on their side.

Step 3

Provide the poisoned person with fresh air - open the collar of his shirt, loosen his tie and trouser belt. Open a window or window. Moisten a cotton swab with ammonia and let the patient smell it. This should bring him to his senses.

Step 4

Rinse the sick stomach by inviting him to drink 1-1.5 liters of warm water and pressing on the root of the tongue. This stage of the treatment of alcohol poisoning is necessary in order to remove the remnants of toxic substances from the victim's body. In no case should you flush the stomach of an unconscious person. Therefore, the previous step is required.

Step 5

Put some cold compress on the head of the poisoned person. This can be, for example, a towel soaked in cold water, folded several times. Make sure that the victim does not roll over onto his back.

Step 6

If possible, give the victim some sorbent to drink. For example, such means as "Smecta", "Karbolen", "Chitosan" or even just activated carbon are good answers, including the question of what to do in case of alcohol poisoning. Drugs of this type significantly accelerate the removal of toxic substances from the body.

Step 7

If necessary (with caution) offer the patient also some remedy for the headache. If the victim begins to feel better, give him hot tea or a light herbal tea to drink.

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