How To Identify Pneumonia If There Are No Common Symptoms

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How To Identify Pneumonia If There Are No Common Symptoms
How To Identify Pneumonia If There Are No Common Symptoms

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The main symptoms of pneumonia are known to be high fever and cough. But recently, mainly, as doctors believe, due to the uncontrolled use of antibiotics, cases of asymptomatic pneumonia have become more frequent.

Pneumonia without symptoms
Pneumonia without symptoms

This form of pneumonia is still more common among adults (between the ages of 22 and 45). But sometimes cases of such pneumonia are recorded, unfortunately, in children. The most common cause of asymptomatic pneumonia in people of all ages is a decrease in immunity. The body simply stops fighting the disease on its own.

A conspicuous sign

In order to recognize pneumonia in the absence of cough and fever and provide the patient with timely assistance, doctors recommend, first of all, to pay attention to the vitality and general condition of a person. Signs of pneumonia without symptoms are often severe weakness and drowsiness. A person has a complete breakdown. A child or adult with such pneumonia, most likely, due to weakness, will even refuse to get out of bed. Relief in terms of loss of strength in people suffering from such pneumonia does not occur, including after prolonged sleep.

What other symptoms of pneumonia can be without fever

If a loved one does not get out of bed, is constantly sleeping and looks very lethargic, you should look for other signs of asymptomatic pneumonia. To do this, you first need to pay attention to the color of his skin. In people with pneumonia, they are usually pale and bluish. Also, on the cheeks of such patients, a feverish blush often appears.

Shortness of breath with pneumonia in humans can occur even with short walking. An increased heart rate is often a sign of asymptomatic pneumonia.

Special features

All the symptoms described above can be the result of not only pneumonia, but also some other diseases. In order to more accurately determine pneumonia, it is worth examining the patient's chest and asking him if he feels any unpleasant sensations in this area. With pneumonia, the answer is likely to be yes.

Also, an uneven movement of the chest can serve as a symptom of pneumonia without coughing and fever. The affected half of it in this case often simply lags behind the healthy one. In thin people, intercostal spaces may also be drawn in.

Instead of a conclusion

The signs described above usually serve as confirmation that a person fell ill with pneumonia without fever and cough. But, of course, it is not worth making the final diagnosis to such a patient on his own. A doctor should be called already if a person has begun to experience pathological weakness. Such a symptom can serve as a sign of pneumonia and many other dangerous diseases. The doctor will be able to determine exactly the pneumonia and prescribe the correct treatment only after the appropriate laboratory tests have been carried out.

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