Which Fish Oil Capsules Are Better To Buy?

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Which Fish Oil Capsules Are Better To Buy?
Which Fish Oil Capsules Are Better To Buy?

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The undoubted benefits of fish oil for the human body have been confirmed by both numerous studies and practical experience. It is believed that harm to people taking it, this remedy can not cause in any way. However, in order to get the maximum benefit from the treatment, of course, it is worth purchasing only the highest quality fish oil.

which fish oil is better
which fish oil is better

The product of fish oil, as you know, does not taste very pleasant. Therefore, it is most convenient to take it in capsules. This product is produced in this form by many pharmacological companies. But what is the best fish oil capsule to buy?

According to many patients and doctors, the best manufacturers of this drug are firms:

  • Carlson Labs;
  • Solgar;
  • Teva;
  • "Realkaps".

Carlson Labs Product Benefits

This company supplies Cod Liver Oil to the market. The production facilities of this company are located in Norway. The fish oil at the company's enterprise, accordingly, is obtained from Norwegian cod.

Cod for the production of Cod Liver Oil is caught only in ecologically clean areas. Therefore, Carlson Labs has the ability to minimize biological fat purification. As a result, more nutrients are stored in it.

The only drawback of fat from this manufacturer, according to consumers, is its high cost. The course of treatment using Cod Liver Oil can result in a pretty penny for the patient.

What fish oil to choose: a product from Teva

Firm "Teva" supplies to the market not medical, but edible fish oil. Such a product is very suitable as a source of vitamins. But edible fish oil is usually used only as a general tonic. Unfortunately, such a product is not suitable for the treatment of developed avitominosis.

Fat from Teva is quite cheap. It is also supplied to the market in capsules.

A product from Solgar

Those who are looking for an answer to the question of which fish oil is better to buy should definitely pay attention to not this manufacturer. This company supplies the market with a very high quality Omega-3 Fish Oil. Solgar Fat has received excellent consumer reviews. And no wonder. After all, this company makes only a premium product.

Solgar uses exclusively cold-water fish from the northern seas for the production of capsules. It is these representatives of the underwater fauna that accumulate the most fat under the skin. Unlike many other manufacturers, Solgar recycles used carcasses, rather than squeezing them to the last, just in order to get some more of the already dirty fat.

Also, the quality of Omega-3 Fish Oil is influenced by the fact that it must undergo molecular distillation. As a result, harmful substances such as mercury, arsenic, etc. are removed from the fat.

What kind of fish oil in capsules is better to buy for a child: a product of the company "Realkaps"

This manufacturer also produces capsules designed specifically for children. They are called "Kusalochka" and taste like tutti-frutti. Even the most fastidious children usually agree to accept them.

Of course, there is a fairly high-quality fish oil on the market from other manufacturers. However, it is the companies discussed above that make the cleanest, safest and most useful product. Therefore, the first thing to ask in pharmacies is fat from these manufacturers.

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