Kremlin Diet For Travelers

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Kremlin Diet For Travelers
Kremlin Diet For Travelers

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Going on vacation, it is very difficult to stick to a diet, because the menu in the airport cafes and public catering is limited and rarely includes the so-called "allowed" products. But if you are determined not to interrupt the process of losing weight, study in advance the list of dishes that you should pay attention to, being an adherent of the Kremlin diet.

Kremlin diet for travelers
Kremlin diet for travelers


Step 1

The Kremlin diet is one of the low-carb diet options. It assumes the presence in the menu of foods rich in proteins and fats, and the body begins to consume carbohydrates from its own reserves.

Step 2

Order meals made with eggs. They can be hard boiled or served as an omelet. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, which is 100 percent assimilable in the body.

Step 3

Choose meals where high-carbohydrate foods can be easily separated. For example, you can eat a sandwich without bread, and when ordering main courses, choose only the meat component or buy vegetables for a side dish.

Step 4

Take a lunch box with you on the road with vegetables, fruits, nuts or seeds. They will help satisfy your hunger. If you cannot imagine your life without meat, then give preference to jerky or dried.

Step 5

Sometimes the followers of the Kremlin diet take protein shakes with them. They can be easily prepared anywhere, and special storage conditions are not needed. And due to the fact that the cocktail has a powdery form, it does not take up much space in the traveler's suitcase.

Step 6

Buy drinks that are sugar-free. Plain water is ideal, but you can also order a cup of tea with lemon or coffee. Often, when the flight is delayed, waiting passengers go to the bar to while away the time with a glass of alcoholic cocktail. In this case, you better choose Bloody Mary, a glass of wine, liqueur with ice or diet soda.

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