What To Do If A Finger Breaks Out - Treatment Methods

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What To Do If A Finger Breaks Out - Treatment Methods
What To Do If A Finger Breaks Out - Treatment Methods

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An abscess on a finger in a child or an adult, or felon, is a common phenomenon that causes pain, discomfort, and in some cases, an increase in body temperature. To cope with the disease and prevent complications, it is important to carry out therapy correctly and in a timely manner. If a finger or toe breaks out, it is advisable to use home treatment to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

What to do if a finger breaks out - treatment methods
What to do if a finger breaks out - treatment methods


The main factors provoking the development of an inflammatory purulent process are:

  • cuts, abrasions, wounds, insufficient disinfection;
  • the habit of biting nails, ripping off burrs;
  • poor quality pedicure or manicure, improper cutting of the nail;
  • ingrown nail;
  • vascular disorders in the distal extremities (with diabetes mellitus, circulatory failure);
  • mycoses.


Signs of an abscess are very diverse and depend on the stage of the disease and the degree of tissue involvement in the inflammatory process.

At an early stage, itching, redness, and unexpressed soreness are noted. As the inflammation progresses, symptoms worsen. There is swelling, redness of the tissues, the pain becomes pronounced, pulsating, wavy or constant. There may be a rise in temperature, especially in children, and the release of purulent contents.


In case of severe pain, swelling, malaise, and the formation of an abscess, you should consult a doctor. In this case, an opening of the abscess and a course of antibiotic therapy may be necessary.

With a slight redness, soreness, lotions are prescribed, baths with medications that can easily cope with an abscess at an early stage of its development. If the pus has already left, regular baths and lotions will help prevent the appearance of new inflammation.

The most popular and effective remedies for the treatment of abscesses are:

  • Dimexidum solution. The drug must be diluted in water in a ratio of 1 to 10, respectively. A gauze napkin is moistened abundantly and applied to the finger, a bandage is applied on top. When dry, the compress is renewed.
  • Chlorhexidine. Lotions are also made with it, but its convenience is that the drug does not require dilution.
  • Levomekol ointment. The product is generously applied to the damaged area under a compress and left overnight.
  • Manganese trays. Regular water procedures in a solution of water and manganese have an antiseptic effect.

Doctors do not recommend using Vishnevsky ointment for the treatment of abscesses, and also treating the area with iodine (brilliant green is permissible).

From the folk methods of treating suppuration on the fingers, there are:

  • Alcohol lotions. Compresses with vodka, alcohol solution effectively help relieve swelling and redness.
  • Water-salt baths. They have a calming and antiseptic effect. Held several times a day.
  • Aloe compresses. The plant relieves inflammation, draws purulent contents from the affected area. A freshly cut leaf should be peeled, applied to the abscess and secured with a bandage. Leave it overnight.

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