Cefuroxime: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Cefuroxime: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price
Cefuroxime: Instructions For Use, Indications, Price

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Cefuroxime is a semi-synthetic antibacterial agent belonging to the cephalosporin group. The drug is active against most representatives of pathogenic microflora, which makes it possible to use it for therapy and prevention of a wide range of pathologies.

Cefuroxime: instructions for use, indications, price
Cefuroxime: instructions for use, indications, price

Composition and form of release

The antibiotic is presented in the form of a powder for obtaining a solution for injection in ampoules containing 250, 750, 1500 milligrams of cefuroxime sodium. Also, second-generation cefolosporin can be purchased in tablets with a concentration of the active ingredient in each 125, 250, 500 milligrams.

The drug has a bactericidal effect against most representatives of gram-negative and gram-positive pathogenic microflora, including active against strains insensitive to ampicillin, amoxicillin.

The average price of Cefuroxime is 1000-1400 rubles for 10 ampoules with a dosage of 750 milligrams, 350 rubles for 14 tablets with a dose of 250 milligrams of active substance. A doctor's prescription is required to purchase the drug at the pharmacy.


It is advisable to prescribe Cefuroxime to adults and children in the treatment of diseases:

  • respiratory system (pneumonia, lung abscess, bronchitis);
  • the urogenital tract (pyelonephritis, gonorrhea, cystitis, adnexitis);
  • ENT organs (sinusitis, otitis media, tonsillitis);
  • skin (furunculosis, pyoderma, streptoderma, and so on);
  • skeletal system (osteomyelitis, septic arthritis);
  • abdominal cavity;
  • sepsis;
  • meningitis;
  • borreliosis.

The drug is used to prevent infectious and inflammatory complications after surgery.

A course of treatment

The antibacterial drug is used orally, injected intramuscularly and intravenously by diluting the powder in water for injection, according to the instructions for use:

  • intramuscularly - 750 mg of the drug in 3 ml of water;
  • intravenously - 750 mg in 6 ml of water or more, 1500 mg - in 15 ml or more;
  • for intravenous infusions up to 30 minutes - 1500 mg in 50 ml of water.

Injections are carried out three times a day at 750 mg, with heavy doses, it is possible to increase the dose to 1.5 g three times.

The norm for children is calculated on the basis of 60 mg / kg / day., up to 3 months -30 mg / kg / day.

The exact dose and regimen of administration is determined by the doctor, depending on the type of disease and its severity.

The tablets are taken throughout the week, the average dosage is 250 mg with an interval of 12 hours.


The use of Cefuroxime is prohibited when:

  • intolerance to the constituents of the drug;
  • bleeding of the digestive tract;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • exhaustion and weakened state of the immune system;
  • NYAKE.

Side effects

The negative consequences of using the product include:

  • manifestations of allergies;
  • vaginitis, genital itching;
  • abdominal pain;
  • dyspepsia;
  • stool disorders;
  • pseudomembranous enterocolitis;
  • an increase in the level of bilirubin in the blood, anemia;
  • hearing loss;
  • post-injection complications in the area of ​​administration.


Cefuroxime has many analogs in composition and therapeutic effect:

  • Abicef;
  • Auroxetil;
  • Zinnat;
  • Zotsef;
  • Mikrex;
  • Spizef;
  • Cefoctam;
  • Cefotaxime;
  • Enfexia.

Medicines are presented in tablets, granules, suspensions, powders for obtaining solutions for injections.

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