How To Take Medications Correctly

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How To Take Medications Correctly
How To Take Medications Correctly

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Surely many do not even think about the fact that you need to drink the medicine correctly. Often we simply take a pill with whatever is on hand, such as juice or even lemonade. As a result, we complain that the medicine did not help. So let's find out how to do it correctly.

How to take medications correctly
How to take medications correctly


Step 1

It is best, of course, to use water to drink the medicine, and preferably warm. Since it helps to speed up the absorption processes, which means that the medicine will begin to act much faster. Most often it is recommended to drink sleeping pills or pain relievers with warm water. Remember that cold water slows down the absorption process.

Step 2

Never, under any circumstances, drink sleeping pills or sedatives with tea or coffee. These drinks contain caffeine. On the contrary, it is the pathogen, that is, the pills simply will not work and that's it, since caffeine will interrupt their purpose.

Step 3

If you need to take a medication that contains iron, take it with slightly acidic water. If you do it with tea, then the pharmacological effect will completely decrease. And all because when iron interacts with tea, difficult-to-dissolve compounds are formed, due to which the effect of the pill decreases.

Step 4

Forget about the habit of taking all medicines and tablets with juice. This can only harm you, because when juices react with pharmacology, compounds that are very harmful to the body are formed.

Step 5

And never drink alcohol pills! At best, they simply will not work, well, and at worst, an unforeseen reaction of the body. After all, no one knows how it will affect exactly this or that person. Only one thing is clear - it is very dangerous. Do everything right, because jokes with health do not go away. Good luck!

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