Mountain Celandine: Properties, Indications, Reviews

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Mountain Celandine: Properties, Indications, Reviews
Mountain Celandine: Properties, Indications, Reviews

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The very name "celandine" suggests that people have long noticed its healing properties and have been successfully used to treat skin diseases, making the body clean. Poisonous milky juice successfully fights against warts and papillomas, it is not for nothing that the people called the plant "warthog". It is far from always possible to use fresh, environmentally friendly celandine, so a pharmaceutical preparation comes to the rescue.

"Mountain celandine": properties, indications, reviews
"Mountain celandine": properties, indications, reviews

Healing plant celandine

In parks, squares, in personal plots, along fences and buildings, where there is enough moisture and sunlight penetrates, you can find small bushes of celandine. This plant with beautiful carved leaves and yellow inflorescences seems harmless, but when cut, it secretes a bitter bright orange juice, which has many toxic substances. It is especially abundant in the area of ​​the stalks. On contact with the skin, the milky sap of the plant leaves brown spots that resemble iodine.

Celandine is completely poisonous, from flowers to rhizomes, and all plant parts are used in folk medicine to treat inflammatory and skin diseases. Fresh celandine juice is used externally. It literally burns out warts and other pathological neoplasms.


The orange milky juice contains tannins and antibacterial substances, vitamins, phytoncides, acids, essential oils. Celandine contains especially many alkaloids - more than two dozen, so it is not surprising that this plant is extremely poisonous. Here are just a few names of the organic compounds contained in celandine:

  • homohelidonin: is a potent poison that, when applied externally, acts as an anesthetic;
  • chelerythrine: irritant;
  • sanguinarine: it can cause convulsions, like from strychnine, also has a weak narcotic effect on the body.

It is the toxicity of celandine that is effectively used in medicine. A burn may appear on healthy skin, where milky orange juice has gotten, therefore, for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to use not a fresh plant (it can easily get dirty, which means it can burn itself), but a ready-made pharmaceutical preparation with convenient packaging.


Properties of the balm "Mountain celandine"

For the production of a natural medicine, celandine herb is harvested, at the time when it secretes valuable milky juice - from late spring to late summer. "Mountain celandine" is a natural balm for the correction of cosmetic skin defects. It is indicated when the patient is concerned about:

  • warts;
  • papillomas;
  • dry calluses and corns;
  • polyps;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis.

The drug is based on celandine juice, therefore it has a dark color. The balm also contains other medicinal plants that increase its effectiveness. Among them:

  • spear-shaped cocoa, which has the property of healing wounds;
  • gentian, which has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect;
  • golden rhododendron, known for its disinfecting properties.

The collection of medicinal herbs is selected in such a way that in tandem they provide a combined effect on problem skin: the drug not only removes cosmetic skin growths, but also disinfects, dries and softens the epidermis, removes diaper rash.


How to use the balm

Balsam "Mountain celandine" is produced in glass bottles with a capacity of 1, 2 to 15 ml in a cardboard box. The bottle is equipped with a thin plastic stick, with the help of which it is possible to apply a neoplasm to a point without touching healthy skin.

It is very important that the diameter of the tip of the wart, papilloma is larger than the device for applying the drug. If the skin defect is very small, a thin cotton flag can be made to treat it.To protect yourself from burns, it is recommended to apply a greasy cream to clean and dry skin around the problem area.

Before removing warts, you should thoroughly clean the defective area and steam it, then apply the drug for 7-10 minutes if the neoplasm is located on the skin of the face or neck; for 12 minutes - to places where the skin is not so delicate. The product should not come into contact with mucous membranes and eyes! Typically, the course of treatment is three days or more.

If you need to get rid of corns, calluses, papillomas, you will need to apply the "Mountain celandine" remedy 2-3 times a day, while, depending on the severity of the case, the therapeutic course can last from two to 10-14 days.

Both warts and papillomas are recommended to be treated immediately at the initial stage of growth. The former are uncomfortable and can spread over time to healthy skin. The latter are caused by a virus, they are contagious, and besides, they can grow and sometimes transform into a malignant tumor.

Reviews about the balm "Mountain celandine"

Most consumers note the effectiveness of celandine-based balm. People love the convenient packaging, like a perfume sampler. After applying the drug, the cosmetic defect under its influence changes color to dark, then dries up and disappears on its own. The maximum effect in getting rid of warts and papillomas was observed among consumers, on average, after 5-7 days of regular application of the “Mountain celandine” balm.

According to reviews, "Mountain celandine" has a pungent smell and leaves a slight burning sensation, which quickly passes. Sometimes after treatment with a herbal preparation based on the milky juice of celandine and other medicinal herbs, a small scar remains at the site of the former cosmetic defect, especially if the neoplasm went deep under the skin and was large enough.

As practice shows, in such cases, special healing remedies for scars, such as Kontraktubeks, Mederma, Solcoseryl, as well as multifunctional regenerating ointments and gels of the Rescuer type, help well. If a major cosmetic defect has been nullified, sometimes you have to contact a specialist in laser hardware procedures to remove the trace after it, but this does not happen often. In general, the drug "Gorny celandine" is an effective and affordable drug, therefore it is in constant demand among drugstore customers. Doctors forbid to tear off the drying crusts of warts and papillomas, in order to avoid blood poisoning.

If the patient has many warts and they are large, in addition, there are many papillomas that can degenerate into malignant tumors, do not self-medicate. You should contact a qualified dermatologist who will prescribe individual therapy.


When "Mountain celandine" is contraindicated

Despite the effectiveness of the Mountain Celandine balm in the fight against cosmetic defects, it should be remembered that this is a rather aggressive remedy that cannot always be shown to the patient. The herbal preparation is not recommended for taking:

  • small children under five;
  • with individual intolerance to the components;
  • an allergic reaction to the herbs that make up the drug.

Celandine preparations are completely contraindicated for pregnant women, since the toxic substances included in their composition can negatively affect the development of the child's fetus, even if they are used in very small quantities. This is especially dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using balm.

When used correctly according to the instructions, cases of overdose of "Mountain celandine" were not detected, since the remedy is applied pointwise, in very small doses, and only locally.Burning and redness at the site of application of the drug are not excluded, since the active substances contained in it are aggressive. Before you start using a balm based on poisonous plant juices and extracts, you should make sure that there are no contraindications.

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