How To Help With Spoilage

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How To Help With Spoilage
How To Help With Spoilage

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You can help a person with damage, using ancient rituals with candles and reading prayers. However, you must first make sure that the damage is indeed induced.

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Was there any damage?

If you suspect damage, you can use the chicken egg diagnosis. To do this, a fresh chicken egg is gently broken into a glass, two-thirds filled with cold water. The glass is placed on the back of the head and held for 3 minutes. If the egg remains intact in the water, there is no damage.

When the protein is pulled to the surface of the water in thin threads, it is a slight spoilage, which you can remove yourself. The presence of bubbles and black dots in the threads, a change in the color of the yolk is a sign of a serious curse, which only a specialist can deal with.

How to remove damage with candles

This ritual is effective for a baptized person who sincerely believes in the power of saving prayer and regularly attends church. In an Orthodox church, you need to buy a wax candle. At home, a man lights a candle and baptizes his body with its flame, chanting "Our Father".

With induced damage, the candle will begin to smoke and crack. Those places where the fumes and crackling are especially strong should be washed with holy water, crossed with a candle 7 times and the same number of times to read the prayer. By the way, such cleansing is recommended to be carried out periodically, removing the evil eye and cleansing the aura from negative influences.

Help with damage by folk methods

They scoop up the holy water with a ladle and dip several spoons into it. After a few minutes, all but one of the spoons are taken out. With its help, the removal of damage will be carried out.

You need to go to the door handle and pour water from the bucket through it so that it falls into the bucket again. Pour water with a spoon 3 times through 3 door handles. Then, water is suddenly sprinkled on a person who has suffered from spoilage. He must drink the remaining liquid.

If this is a child, first press his arms to the body and only then spray with water. Otherwise, the child will start up and the effect of removing spoilage will be reduced to zero.

A positive result is obtained using fresh snow. A person with induced damage must step on it. Snow is taken from the trail and melted at room temperature. After drinking water and reading "Our Father", the victim should bite the tip of the tongue and imagine how the curse returns to the one who sent it.

Within 3 days after the ritual, it is advisable to burn the cursed person with a yellow cubic zirconia candle before taking a photograph. You cannot extinguish the candle yourself, it must burn out completely.

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