How To Slow Down The Aging Of The Body

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How To Slow Down The Aging Of The Body
How To Slow Down The Aging Of The Body

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Some people accept aging as part of their natural lifestyle. After all, it is a fact that around this time, the functionality of the human body begins to deteriorate, which affects nerves, digestion, hormones, the immune system, and brain function. But only 2% of the aging process depends on what a person inherits, and the remaining 98% is formed based on nutrition, physical condition, regular sleep and how easily we deal with anxiety and stress.

How to slow down the aging of the body
How to slow down the aging of the body

People are afraid of aging and gaining excess weight, but sometimes these life changes are perceived differently, with the phrase: "Well, I'm old and fat, at least there is less chance of breaking bones when falling!"

However, there is a lot you can do to avoid feeling old and flabby, and as a result, simply live to an older age without damaging your bones.

You can feel good for many years, then you turn 40 and suddenly your stomach grows, joints begin to creak, memory starts to deteriorate, immunity weakens….

Add to that the fact that it becomes more difficult to carry weight with age (hello cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure!).

But it doesn't have to be - and you shouldn't blame your genetics.

Here are some simple, practical steps you can take to feel younger and look better:

1. Say no to stress

We naturally develop wrinkles with facial expressions, but there is no need to add stress to them (or your chances of a heart attack). Take some time for yourself (try a hot bath, 20 minute meditations, or a good book) and let these worries go away.

2. Reduce your sugar intake

Yes, sweet is evil. Makes us chubby and lethargic, spoils our teeth, but can also affect fatigue, makes a person grumpy and even forgetful. Cut back on sugar to feel more energized and positive.

3. Regular sex

Good sex is one of the best ways to stay fit and feel young, works for all muscle groups and is a reliable way to burn calories. Orgasms have been found to relieve stress, increase happiness (through the release of endorphins), reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, and increase the production of hormones that keep you looking young. It is a universal winner of old age.

4. Avoid premium flour

Flour ranks second after sugar. Consuming large amounts of premium white flour can increase your chances of developing diabetes. It lacks nutrients and fiber and can be easily replaced with healthier and more delicious whole grains.

5. Eat complete fats

You may feel good about yourself when choosing low-fat yoghurts and other dairy products, but you need fat in your diet. In addition, more sugar is often added to low-fat foods.

6. Develop joint flexibility

We are so obsessed with muscle mass that we often forget about the ligaments, soft tissues and tendons that hold all these muscles and bones together. They also need care, especially as they age, when they stretch less. Why not sign up for classes like Pilates or yoga that increase flexibility. Regular massage is also important.

7. Go in for sports

No matter how weak you may seem to yourself, there is a program designed for different degrees of preparation that will help strengthen your back muscles and posture. Don't give up in the fight with a sore back, shoulders, and neck.


Research shows that adults lose 8% or more of their muscle mass every decade after they turn 40. Strength training helps slow this loss.The National Institute on Aging recommends that adults do two 30-minute strength training sessions each week. Try weight lifting, strength machines, and muscle training classes.

8. Turn on the work of the brain

Keeping your brain active means that you will maintain a constant supply of oxygen to your brain, which keeps it functioning at optimal levels and stimulates your mind. So do crosswords, read books, and learn poetry.

9. Take vitamins

A couple of pills in the morning can actually improve your health. Vitamin C supports healthy cells and connective tissue, vitamin D is good for teeth and bones, as are calcium supplements, while cod liver oil capsules are good for elastic joints.

10. Be active

Retirement, loss of loved ones, and loneliness put older people at risk of sadness and anxiety, which can lead to chronic depression. Exercise not only improves mood, but also provides opportunities for social interaction. Regardless of your age, social exercise can help you build relationships with like-minded people. These dating can boost self-esteem and maintain a sense of connection with age, reducing feelings of loneliness. Find physical education classes at the gym, walking clubs, or sports clubs and start exercising with others.

Staying active doesn't just mean going to the gym. It's about continuing to do whatever you love. Whether it's cycling, walking the dog, reading a good book, going to new restaurants, going to the movies. Life shouldn't become less exciting just because you get older, even if you have to put in more effort to reach and stick to your goal.

11. Don't forget to rest

To have enough energy, to have a full day and be in time, you need to get enough sleep, otherwise feelings of awkwardness, sluggishness will overtake … Good sleep can also help regulate your metabolism.

Aging affects our mental and physical health, but it's important to know that many of these changes are due to inactivity and excess weight. You can slow down the aging process with regular exercise and proper nutrition.

Here are 11 simple rules to keep the years from taking their toll. Take care of yourself, your strength, enjoy communicating with family and friends and spend more time with your grandchildren, because they are an extension of you.

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