Is It Possible To Wet Mantoux In The Pool

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Is It Possible To Wet Mantoux In The Pool
Is It Possible To Wet Mantoux In The Pool

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Is it possible to swim in the pool after trying Mantoux? This is still a topical issue that causes a lot of controversy. Doctors often warn that after vaccination it is forbidden to come into contact with water, touch or scratch the vaccine. Ten years ago, it was absolutely not allowed to wet Mantoux. Modern medicine refutes this reasonably.

Is it possible to wet Mantoux in the pool
Is it possible to wet Mantoux in the pool

Water does not penetrate into the deep layers of the skin where the drug is injected. Accordingly, it cannot influence the quality of the result. But there are some nuances that can provoke an inflammatory process after swimming in the pool.

What is Mantoux

Mantoux is a diagnosis for the presence of tuberculosis infection. The result of the sample is checked 72 hours after inoculation. In the light, using a transparent ruler, measure the size of the papule. Normally, it should not exceed 0.5 cm. Severe inflammation is a sign of infection, and entails a complete examination at the TB dispensary. The lack of a response to mantu is also a deviation from the norm, as it shows that the child's body does not produce antibodies to fight the microbacteria that provoke the disease. Which often happens if the newborn was not vaccinated with BCG.

What provokes a false positive result

It is forbidden to press, scratch or rub the vaccine. Swimming in the pool, due to the presence of chemicals in the water, can cause itching at the injection site. The fact is that the tuberculin used for the vaccine is an aggressive allergen. Children with weak immunity or a tendency to allergies are advised to play it safe before getting vaccinated. One day before and two days after Mantoux, take antihistamines. Remove from the diet foods that can cause allergic reactions.

What is forbidden to do after vaccination

It is forbidden to apply a bandage or adhesive plaster to the injection site. Smear with brilliant green, iodine, any other antiseptics, use ointment or baby cream.

It is undesirable for a child to overcool, the forces of immunity are now aimed at fighting the bacteria of tuberculosis. Overheating is also not recommended. The skin sweats, the pores expand, and this is fraught with infection of the wound.

There is a group of children who are generally forbidden to do Mantoux. These are mainly epileptic attacks, chronic and heart diseases in the epicrisis. With recent acute infections, you need to wait two weeks before vaccination.

Few people know that the vaccine can make a healthy child feel unwell. It manifests itself as headache, weakness, impaired appetite and apathy. Perhaps a slight reddening of the skin and a rise in temperature to 37, 7. If the child has a runny nose, cough or sore throat, then this is a manifestation of colds not associated with the injection.

Summing up

Each parent decides for themselves whether to follow the recommendations. If the child is healthy, you can swim in the pool after Mantoux. In case of doubt about this, nothing bad will happen if you skip a couple of classes.

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