Healthy Lifestyle: Myths And Reality

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Healthy Lifestyle: Myths And Reality
Healthy Lifestyle: Myths And Reality

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A healthy lifestyle is a collective concept. There are many misconceptions about what it includes. You need to familiarize yourself with these misconceptions in order to achieve a more effective result.

Healthy lifestyle: myths and reality
Healthy lifestyle: myths and reality

Healthy eating myths

The most important myth: eating late is harmful. Many people work late or night shifts. To deprive yourself of food in this case is a mockery of the body.

Late dinner will not do harm if it is easily digestible and low in calories. You can give preference to vegetables, unsweetened dairy products. Beer with chips after work or tea with cookies shouldn't be used as a late snack.

Many adherents of a healthy lifestyle blindly trust various kinds of "dietary" food surrogates: low-fat foods, sugar substitutes, granola bars and other fruits of modern science. At the same time, no one thinks about the result of what chemical processes these miracles are obtained. It is worth reading the composition, whether ubiquitous refined fats and palm oil are found in it.

Physical activity myths

Many people think that there is never enough sport. This is not so, in everything you need to know when to stop. You can also go too far with sports, causing a general overwork of the body and aversion to physical exertion.

Therefore, on the very first day of a new lifestyle, you should not climb on a bicycle and cut it for 3 hours in a row. So you can bring your unprepared musculoskeletal system to the line of disability.

It is also a myth that sports should be done on an empty stomach. Therefore, people try to squeeze the result out of themselves, barely tearing their eyes. It is worth waiting at least 20-30 minutes, take a shower and cheer up.

Physical activity for an unawakened organism is stress. Nothing good and useful will come of such morning efforts.

Unfortunately, it is a misconception about the benefits of running outdoors. For some, it can be very useful if a person lives near a green area. But most new runners don't bother training in close proximity to the roadway.

Most people associate a healthy lifestyle with some kind of activities that allow them to keep their physical health at a high level. At the same time, few people remember about intellectual development. But mental stress, such as learning a foreign language, can also be attributed to a healthy lifestyle.

Product myths

Many adherents of a healthy lifestyle are trying to switch to natural cosmetics and detergents and feel safe from this. But even the most expensive and "natural" shampoo or cream will contain chemicals, so it's too early to relax. Many manufacturers simply use the words "natural" and "herbal" as a bargaining chip to increase the marketability of a product.

To feel completely safe, the essential products will have to be created with your own hands. Refuse purchased deodorants, soaps, creams. Otherwise, you cannot be sure of anything.

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