Diet Myths

Diet Myths
Diet Myths

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It happens like this: you grow thin, you grow thin, and the weight is still there. Why is that? Because we often believe in stereotypes.

Diet myths
Diet myths

You can't eat after 6 pm

If you go to bed closer to 24.00, and have dinner before 18.00, then you can hardly resist the temptation to go to the refrigerator at night.

In addition, too long a break in food (more than 10 hours) is perceived by the body as the onset of hunger: as soon as you get to food the next day, everything you eat will be immediately sent to fat deposits, for a rainy day. How to be? Have dinner 4 hours before bed. In this case, the evening diet should be as light as possible: boiled chicken (100-150 g) with fresh vegetable salad, vegetable stew or low-fat cottage cheese casserole. And to dull the attacks of false hunger (usually it appears around 21.00), you can drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.

You can lose weight without playing sports, the main thing is to choose a diet

The problem is that weight loss is not only due to adipose tissue, but also due to muscle tissue. And all because the body tries to preserve its strategic fat reserve to the last. So physical activity is indispensable.

Sign up for a gym, buy a pool membership, cycle or just walk.

The fat burning effect from walking is no less than from exercising on simulators. But to achieve the result, move at an average pace, gradually increasing the distance (the norm is 3-5 km per day).

Durum wheat pasta is not dangerous for the figure

This is so, if they are not abused and not combined with butter, cheese, cutlets. Pasta is best served with vegetables or a sauce based on natural yogurt, lemon juice, spices, herbs. Also, try to undercook the pasta. Then the carbohydrates from them will be absorbed more slowly, helping you to hold out until your next meal. Finding the “right” pasta is easy. The label must state: "Group A, 1st class, from durum wheat" or "Pasta from whole grain and wholemeal flour".

Black bread is not as high-calorie as white bread

Everything is correct. But the difference between them is small: white bread contains an average of 250 kcal per 100 g of product, and black bread contains 210 kcal. In addition, black bread contains more salt, which contributes to water retention and increases appetite. But you shouldn't give up this product either: it contains carbohydrates - a source of energy. Look for crispbread, whole grain, bran, or rye bread. Their calorie content is not much lower, but the content of useful microelements is higher. Plus, the fiber in unprocessed grains improves bowel function and helps keep you feeling full for a long time. 1-2 pieces a day is enough. And it is better in the first half of the day to have time to burn the received calories.

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