Causes And Treatment Of Headache

Causes And Treatment Of Headache
Causes And Treatment Of Headache

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We will not consider cases when headaches rarely appear and their cause is obvious - for example, overheated in the sun. We will talk about frequent (more than three times a week) pain, which significantly reduces the quality of life and is a reason to see a doctor.

Causes and treatment of headache
Causes and treatment of headache

What really hurts?

Our most important organ is designed in such a way that the sensation of pain can occur in the membranes of the brain and 8 vessels. This is where the pain receptors are. The gray matter itself and the cerebral cortex cannot hurt.

“It doesn't make it any easier for us,” say the sufferers who swallow painkillers in order to be able to live, work and rest further. Yes it is. But still it is worthwhile to understand the causes of the problem.

So, headaches can occur due to:

  • stress: stress, long sitting at the computer, depression, anxiety (tension pain);
  • changes in blood pressure (pain with hypertension);
  • a sharp expansion of the vessels of the brain (migraine and cluster pain).

Stress pain

The pain is characterized as dull, aggravated by additional stress, most often localized in the back of the head or in the temples. There is no nausea or fear of light. At the initial stage, such pains do not require medical treatment. It is quite possible to cope with them on your own, having mastered relaxation techniques or using home complexes for physiotherapy (electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, reflexology complexes - for example, iplikators, iontophoresis, etc.). Entrust the choice of the type of physiotherapy to your doctor. If such help is ineffective, it is worth contacting an acupuncturist or an experienced massage therapist to relieve excess tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle.

Unfortunately, patients often prefer to just drink the pain reliever, which in itself can cause pain after a while.

Migraines and cluster pains

These are the most excruciating headaches. Women suffer from migraines more often, men suffer from cluster pains. The symptoms are very similar: sharp pain occurs suddenly (with rare exceptions, when the migraine is accompanied by precursors half an hour before the onset of the attack), localized in one part of the head, often around the eye. The patient may experience nausea and fear of light and sound. At risk are residents of large cities, as they experience more stress, move less and tend to eat fast food.

These neurological pains have, oddly enough, their plus: when they occur, a person immediately turns to a specialist who prescribes treatment based on the results of tests and laboratory tests, in particular MRI.

Pain due to pressure

If the headache is caused by high blood pressure, it is likely that regular pain relievers will not help. It is necessary to consult a therapist to prescribe adequate treatment for hypertension. Physiotherapy in this case is also possible, but on the recommendation of a doctor. It is impossible to do without individual selection of medicines.

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