The Effectiveness Of Slimming Devices

The Effectiveness Of Slimming Devices
The Effectiveness Of Slimming Devices

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Before the New Year, you can have time to tighten your figure without dieting, with the help of improvised means.

The effectiveness of slimming devices
The effectiveness of slimming devices

Electric massagers

Inexpensive devices are sold in health goods stores: muscle stimulants or vibrating massagers. The former are attached to the body and work out the muscles of a zone, while the latter must be held in the hand and massage problem areas.

A muscle stimulator will not replace sports, maximum - it will improve muscle tone. If you are in the process of losing weight, the infrared vibrating massager will reduce the volume in the "stubborn" zones.

Sauna clothes

Shorts, belts and complete suits are made from materials that do not release the heat generated by the body. The skin heats up a lot and sweats actively. Wrapping with cling film has the same effect. An hour of training in such a "sauna" allows you to reduce the volume by 1-2 cm, the scales will also show the loss of a kilogram.

In such clothes, the body cannot be cooled with the help of sweat evaporation and receives serious overheating, and even heatstroke. Weight decreases, but this is not the weight of fat, but the weight of the water that went to cool the body. It is worth drinking, and the lost will return.

Band-aids and rings

Originally from China, these products are supplied with instructions on the effect of magnets or special substances on bioactive points of the body. As the manufacturers promise, your appetite will decrease and you will lose weight.

Such means work for impressionable persons like suggestion, but in fact there is no effect. An ordinary person will not correctly find bioactive points in himself. But skin irritation is likely at the place where the patch is attached.

Massage: honey and cupping

It can be done in beauty salons or at home. You will need unsweetened honey or a silicone massage jar (available at the pharmacy). It is squeezed, placed on the body and released - a vacuum is formed and the skin is pulled inward. Then move in a circular motion, massaging.

The second type of massage: smear a part of the body with liquid honey and rhythmically apply and peel off the palm. The honey eventually turns into a waxy gray mass.

Massages will not help you lose weight, but will tighten the skin of an already thinner person. Cons - both procedures are painful and can leave bruises on the body.

Fat burning creams

No, the cream will not "burn fat", as it is written on the package: the active ingredients simply cannot penetrate through the skin to the fat layer. But the remedy can make the body elastic: it contains ingredients that improve metabolism, blood and lymph circulation and moisturize the skin.

Creams are quite safe for your health and can be helpful in improving your appearance if you are on a diet.

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