How To Starve

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How To Starve
How To Starve

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The word "starvation" has many images, but all of them can be attributed to two types of reaction of a living organism: a forced shortage and a temporary rejection of something necessary for full-fledged life. The experience of fasting as a temporary refusal to eat is a way to heal a person's body and spirit and is most valuable at any time.

How to starve
How to starve


Step 1

What you need to know about fasting

Any fasting is stressful for the body, as it disrupts the usual course of work of all its parts. But not all stress should be considered harmful. So the stress release of the hormone adrenaline into the bloodstream saves the lives of non-predatory animals.

Nature has wisely incorporated fasting into animal instincts as a way to heal the body. If you carefully observed the animals in their natural environment, you would notice that they endure any disease by starvation.

As far as emotional trauma is concerned, you could also see it in the example of our pets: they refuse to eat when they feel bored.

How do people go hungry? Some people hear the voice of their subconscious, guiding the instincts of self-preservation, and during illness (at the level of the senses, mind or body) refuse to eat. There are very few such people. The reason is that most people suppress their instincts with their minds. For modern man, the mind is "our everything." Man has forgotten about the harmonious development of body, mind and senses. "There should be a golden mean in everything" - so said Gautama Buddha. How many people understand this truth?

Fasting is beneficial when it is timely. Fasting can be a challenge when a person is not ready. Not ready for what? To the acceptance of joy and freedom. Freedom from cooking, freedom from having to accept it, freedom from a heaviness in the stomach and the need to defecate from time to time.

Step 2

Why is fasting necessary?

In the era of synthetic foods and cooked foods, you increasingly notice how difficult it is to maintain your health, body beauty, and joy in life. The body is a unique creation of Nature, if you do not interfere with it, then it itself can restore the work of its organs, cleanse the body of chemical poisons and foreign structures that we consume with food. This is what fasting means for the body - general cleaning. This is why you need to starve.

Another important detail: the longer the fast lasts, the deeper the purification takes place: first the body, then the feelings, then the mind. A person is not only a body, or only Consciousness, he absorbs everything: body, mind, feelings, Consciousness - a single whole from many parts. As there is no only black and white in nature, but there is a palette of colors, so a person cannot be perceived only from one side. Only by perceiving all its parts in a single whole, we will learn to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Step 3

Fasting methods

1. Dry fasting. Complete rejection of food and water in any form. The Guinness Book has a record of 14 days, but there is a video diary of a 16-day dry fast on the Internet. This fasting is the most extreme, and an unprepared person (slagged, who does not have sufficient experience in water starvation) can bring a lot of suffering and even death.

2. Water starvation. Complete rejection of all types of food, except water. There are many facts that a person can live on water for 40 days or more. So, for example, of the famous contemporaries Nikita Dzhigurda went hungry for 48 days and is still (in 2014) alive and well and takes an active life position.

3. Juice fasting. A juice fast is not actually fasting. This is a lightweight diet with freshly squeezed juices. But many people call it that, which is why it is listed here. This method of nutrition can be used if a person cannot stand the feeling of hunger at all, but wants to give the body an opportunity to cleanse itself.With juice nutrition, a minimum of energy and time is spent on digestion, therefore, the rest of the time the body is engaged in self-cleaning. Juice fasting can be timed to the same time as water fasting. Some people subsequently switch completely to liquid foods and live healthy, active lives for many years.

4. Fasting on broths. This is also not fasting, but a lightened diet with decoctions of herbs, vegetables and fruits. This diet is recommended for those who find it difficult to feed fresh juices. The timing is the same as for juice fasting.

Step 4

Before fasting

First, you need to determine the goal of fasting:

1. Periodic cleansing of the body from poisons. It can last from a few hours to two weeks. The frequency depends on the duration of the fast. So, for example, one to two-day fasting is best done weekly, and two-week fasting is better done quarterly.

2. Therapeutic cleansing process of the body. Lasts from two weeks. Most serious illnesses subside only after the third week of water starvation.

3. Spiritual cleansing process. For spiritual cleansing through conscious fasting, a prolonged fast is required: from three weeks. Thus, all the famous Great Spiritual Masters starved for 40 days. But we must remember that everything in our life is individual: for some, the whole life is not enough, and for some, it will take a few days. Depends on the preparedness of the person for the global transformation of his own consciousness.

Secondly, you need to prepare the body for fasting by changing the diet. The lighter the food before fasting, the faster the body enters the cleansing process. The longer fasting is planned, the longer preparation for it should be.

Light food means those foods that are easily and quickly absorbed by the body at the lowest cost. These are fresh vegetables and fruits, juices from them, herbal decoctions, vegetable broths.

Thirdly, before starving, it is necessary to cleanse the intestines with laxatives and enemas.

Step 5

During fasting

1. Activity. During fasting, you need to move, move and move again. When moving, an increased metabolism occurs, which means that toxins and toxins are removed from the body faster.

2. Internal cleaning. Fasting for 7 days (except dry) requires cleansing with enemas before, during and after fasting.

3. External cleaning. Daily water treatments allow cleansed skin pores to excrete the maximum possible amount of toxins from the body.

4. Sleep. During fasting, you need to sleep enough time to recuperate.

5. Concentration on the goal. If you use fasting as a spiritual cleansing process, then you need to shield yourself from all external information flows and focus on the set goal.

Step 6

After fasting

Getting out of fasting is just as important as fasting itself. If it is wrong to get out of prolonged fasting, then at best, you may not get the desired effect, and at worst, you may die from gut and volvulus.

Exit from short fasting repeats preparation for fasting: fresh fruits / vegetables, juices, decoctions.

Exit from prolonged fasting in connection with the cessation of intestinal motility should begin with diluted freshly squeezed fruit juices. After the juices are 100%, you can add solid foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

The longer the period of withdrawal from fasting, the more benefits will be obtained from it.

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