How To Recover Your Lungs After Smoking

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How To Recover Your Lungs After Smoking
How To Recover Your Lungs After Smoking

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Smoking has a detrimental effect on all human organs, but especially the lungs suffer from tobacco smoke. Acrid smoke leads to infections and lung cancer. Many people, having got rid of the addiction of smoking, already in the first weeks feel relief of breathing. But cleansing the lungs is a rather lengthy and complex process.

How to recover your lungs after smoking
How to recover your lungs after smoking


Step 1

First, you need to avoid secondhand smoke. Stay away from people who smoke, otherwise it will be difficult for you to completely clear your lungs of the effects of cigarette smoke.

Step 2

After quitting smoking, vegetables and fruits are very beneficial. By eating 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, ex-smokers saturate their bodies with antioxidants to help cleanse and heal affected lungs.

Step 3

In the first few months after you quit smoking, drink plenty of water - at least 2.5 liters per day. The body will cleanse the lungs of the accumulated tar, producing a lot of mucus. And this will require a large amount of fluid.

Step 4

Household dust and mold irritate the lungs and can interfere with lung recovery. Therefore, keep your home clean. It is necessary to frequently carry out wet cleaning, wash windows, wipe dust. Keep your home dry and free of mold.

Step 5

An air purifier installed in your home will help restore your lungs after smoking. It will clean the air of dust, allergens, smoke and household pollutants.

Step 6

To heal the body and restore the lungs, a former smoker needs active rest and physical activity. Aerobic sports, such as running, are most suitable for cleansing the lungs. But you need to run, starting at a slow pace over short distances, so that there is no discomfort. The load is gradually increased.

Step 7

To clear the lungs of the effects of smoking, special exercises should be performed. Here is one of these breathing exercises: breathe in deeply, hold your breath for 5-6 seconds. Press your lips together and exhale some air forcefully through them. Stop exhaling for a second while holding air. Then, forcefully exhale another portion of air, and so on, until all the air is exhaled. If your smoking experience is great, and your lungs are heavily clogged, breathing and cleansing exercises should be done three times a day.

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