The First Signs Of A Concussion

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The First Signs Of A Concussion
The First Signs Of A Concussion

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Concussion is one of the most common traumatic brain injuries in humans. Various household, road traffic accidents, injuries at work, in sports - these are the main causes of this ailment.

The first signs of a concussion
The first signs of a concussion


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A concussion is a certain malfunction in the brain that occurs as a result of an injury that is not related to vascular damage. This is the simplest of all types of craniocerebral trauma, since it does not cause any disturbances in the structure of the brain, all its cells are practically not damaged, but their nutrition and connections are disrupted. The mechanism of the development of this injury has not yet been thoroughly studied.

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According to the time of occurrence, all signs of concussion can be divided into 3 groups: appearing immediately after injury, in the first hours, after 3-5 days. Symptoms may or may not appear depending on the severity of the injury.

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The first signs of a concussion

As a result of a failure in the transmission of nerve impulses in the cerebral cortex, a person falls into a stupor, i.e. his reaction slows down, a frozen expression appears on his face. Due to impaired blood circulation in the brain, a lack of oxygen can occur, which leads to loss of consciousness. Violation of blood circulation in the vestibular apparatus often causes nausea, dizziness, gag reflex in patients. Rapid or, conversely, a slowed pulse, headache, tinnitus in a person who has received a concussion is associated with an increase in intracranial pressure. Poor blood circulation in the vestibular apparatus is manifested in impaired coordination of movements. These symptoms can manifest themselves with a very high degree, but they can also be invisible, in addition, a person experiences similar feelings when receiving other injuries, as well as during exacerbation of various diseases.

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Signs of a concussion in the first hours

During the first hours after injury, the previous symptoms usually smooth out or disappear altogether, but they can be replaced by others: constriction or dilation of the pupils, asymmetry of the elbow and knee reflexes, difficulty in focusing the gaze.

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Removed signs of concussion

Symptoms of a concussion that a person may experience after a few days include memory loss, trouble falling asleep, irritability, photophobia, and difficulty concentrating.

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The health condition of the victims usually returns to normal rather quickly - after 1-2 weeks. The residual phenomenon, which can last for a month or more, is headaches and some other subjective symptoms.

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