Brain Concussion

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Brain Concussion
Brain Concussion

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A concussion is clinically manifested as a stroke. Quite often, in children and adults, this condition is caused by a severe head injury. In children, even minor head injuries can cause concussions.

Brain concussion
Brain concussion

Concussion symptoms

1. The appearance of nausea and vomiting, immediately in the first minutes after the injury;

2. Severe headache that cannot be removed at home;

3. The patient refuses to perform vital functions;

4. Weakness, severe dizziness, which can lead to loss of consciousness. More often these symptoms occur in childhood;

5. Loss of memory, or amnesia. The patient cannot remember the moment of injury or previous events associated with it.

After injury, the patient must be hospitalized in a hospital. A mild concussion can be treated at home. But before that, you should undergo an examination - X-ray or computed tomography of the brain. In severe cases, it is rational to prescribe magnetic resonance imaging.

First aid for concussion

If a concussion is suspected, the patient should be laid on his side to prevent aspiration of vomit. In no case should you put something soft under your head. If the victim can walk, then bring to the ambulance or the nearest medical facility or first-aid post.

In case of loss of consciousness, the patient is immediately admitted to the hospital on a rigid stretcher. No need to self-medicate. A concussion is fraught with changes in the nervous system that are dangerous, especially for a child's body.

Concussion treatment

Concussion treatment is carried out under the supervision of a traumatologist, neurologist and surgeon. Strict bed rest is prescribed for 3 weeks in adults and 4 weeks in children.

The patient should avoid harsh sounds and bright light so as not to aggravate the symptoms. Children with concussion should be kept away from television. Intrusive communication, any stress, even the lightest, both physical and emotional, is not recommended.

For severe pain, the doctor prescribes pain relievers, for insomnia and apathy, antidepressants and sedatives.

For the fastest recovery, physiotherapy and massage are prescribed in parallel.

For the treatment of concussion, drugs based on nicotinic acid ("Piracetam", "Cennarizin", "Xanthinol"), as well as vitamin complexes are often used. A large amount of liquid is shown. Coffee, alcohol, sweets are excluded from the diet, so as not to provoke surges in blood pressure.

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