How To Make Teething Easier

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How To Make Teething Easier
How To Make Teething Easier

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Each family is looking forward to the moment when it will be possible to call their baby "nibbler". And already from six months, parents begin to regularly look into his mouth, in the hope of having teeth without any problems. However, everyone knows that this joyful event is preceded by unpleasant sensations in the baby and the experiences of the mother.

How to make teething easier
How to make teething easier


  • - birch sap or honey
  • - special dental gels


Step 1

Despite the fact that this is a physiological process, it is better to facilitate teething, and for this it is necessary to know the first signs, which are often accompanied by swelling of the gums with soreness and itching.

Step 2

One of the signs of teething is increased salivation. Then all improvised objects and fingers are more often than usual in the mouth. Thus, itching of the gums is relieved.

Step 3

A characteristic sign of the appearance of the first teeth is rubbing movements of the gums, the cause of which is also in persistent itching. Sometimes teething is accompanied by swelling and soreness of the gums. This can be immediately understood by the capricious state of the baby at the very beginning of feeding (if breastfeeding). Breast refusal and rather prolonged crying are possible.

Step 4

During this period, indigestion is possible, which is manifested by dyspepsia (loose stools) and a decrease in immunity, which can manifest itself in the form of a runny nose or a cold.

Step 5

There are many remedies that can make teething easier without harming your health. Shortly before the first signs appear, it is recommended to diversify the range of baby's toys with teething toys. The kid will have time to get used to them and fall in love with them, and at the right time, a soft rubber thing will help eliminate itching without causing injury to the gums.

Step 6

In case of soreness with swelling of the gums, it is recommended to cool teether toys in the refrigerator - this has an analgesic effect.

Step 7

The kid will be happy to savor a carrot cut lengthwise into two or four parts. The same result will be obtained from the crust of bread (it is important that the bread does not crumble too much). This will alleviate the condition of the gums and bring, albeit not significant, benefits to the body.

Step 8

To support the gums, you can lubricate them with natural birch sap or honey.

Step 9

Of the medications, it is worth noting special dental gels, which contain a small amount of novocaine. It is recommended to lubricate the baby's gums with such gels mainly at night so that the baby can sleep peacefully. Teething can be accompanied by a whimsical, whiny mood of the child, which should be approached patiently.

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