Why Is Cat Hair Harmful?

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Why Is Cat Hair Harmful?
Why Is Cat Hair Harmful?

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If you want to become the owner of a wonderful kitty or have a pet for a long time, and now the family is waiting for replenishment, you will probably have a question: “is cat hair harmful and what can it cause”. There are a number of feline breeds whose coat will be harmless to others.

Why is cat hair harmful?
Why is cat hair harmful?

Cat hair can cause allergic reactions. Many people think so, but in reality the problem is hidden in other reasons.

Allergy to hair of cats

You can often hear from people: "I am allergic to cat hair." But this statement is considered erroneous. Allergy is caused not by the fur of the animal, but by the saliva, or rather the protein contained in it. Therefore, it makes no difference which breed of cat you choose, washing yourself is inherent in the genetics of each animal. And this does not mean at all that you need to impose a taboo on animals.

Scientists have shown that children who live in a room with cats from birth are less susceptible to allergies and asthma. This is due to the addiction of immunity to allergens.

It is also noticed that adults with allergies, with constant contact with an animal, get rid of it or observe a decrease in reactions.

Allergy sufferers have noticed:

One and the same animal elicits reactions of varying degrees. This is due to the fact that the animal in different periods secretes a different concentration of protein in the blood.

Kittens are less allergenic than adult cats.

When an animal is castrated, the allergy goes away or becomes less pronounced.

Fighting the allergen

Allergies can also be provoked by cat food or the toilet, so when a reaction occurs, you should first pay attention to these points.

Do not forget that from the pet's hair, and from the animal itself, it becomes dusty in the room. And if we compare the need for cleaning the house with and without a cat, then in the first case it exceeds at least three times. And dust, in turn, provokes not only allergies, but also the development of bacteria and mites, this has a more harmful effect.

If, despite the existing allergy, you decide to have a pet, or it manifests itself after the appearance of the cat, first of all, contact an allergist, who should recommend taking an analysis to confirm the fact of allergy to your animal.

With a positive analysis and unwillingness to live without your pet, you can reduce the manifestation of allergies by using the following measures:

Try to remove other allergens in the house (flowers, various chemicals, use hypoallergenic household chemicals), as this together can lead to a severe form of allergy.

Clean often dry and then wet. Use steam cleaning if possible.

If possible, remove carpets and replace carpets.

Wash your cat often.

Remember the golden rule: wash your hands often.

There are many drugs on the pharmaceutical market that can relieve the symptoms of allergies. And with a competent approach and treatment, there is an opportunity not to deprive yourself of the opportunity to have a fluffy ball of happiness.

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