How Often Can You Massage

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How Often Can You Massage
How Often Can You Massage

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Professional massage can be an additional way to treat a disease, as well as a method of preventing certain diseases. Doctors confidently call massage a means for improving the human body. But how often you can do massage so that it does not turn from healing to dangerous, everyone needs to know.

How often can you massage
How often can you massage


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First of all, rely on the testimony of the attending physician who prescribed you sessions of therapeutic massage of the body, in particular the back. Their frequency should be prescribed only by him, so that the treatment is really effective and not dangerous.

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Massage is contraindicated for acute colds, fever, inflammation inside the body, bleeding, skin diseases, including purulent ones, for any severe physical condition of the body.

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The average massage course, which is prescribed by a doctor, is usually up to 12 visits to the massage parlor or office. The doctor can prescribe 15 sessions. Do not eat any food for an hour before the massage. Do not eat for the same amount of time after the session. You can drink plain water or green tea.

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Preventive massage is usually prescribed according to the following scheme: 1-2 massage sessions per week, up to 12-15 times every six months. Therapeutic massage - one course every three months. A massage with a break after the previous one of just one month should be treated with caution. Such a frequency of massage actions can be harmful.

Step 5

Carry out a cosmetic facial massage with anti-aging properties and prevention of skin aging in certain cycles throughout the year. The best scheme for this type of massage is 2 times a year up to 1-2 times a week for 10 sessions. Before the cosmetic massage, the skin is thoroughly cleansed, then massaged with massage oil for 20-30 minutes. Again the face is cleansed, then a cream is applied to it.

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